Appetizers on a Stick with Egg and Salami

Easy cold appetizer recipes for parties – how to make appetizers on a stick with egg and salami in 9 steps at home.

Easy finger food recipe to prepare appetizers on a stick with simple and tasty ingredients such as spicy salami, boiled eggs, stuffed olives, and mayonnaise.

Learn in this video how to make appetizers on a stick by using a yummy and easy cold appetizer recipe for parties with egg and salami!

SUPER YUMMY finger food recipe by! ENJOY appetizers on a stick! ?

Appetizers on a stick with egg and salami – video ?

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What ingredients do I need to make appetizers on a stick with egg and salami? ❓

1) 8 boiled eggs
2) 16 spicy salami slices of a medium size
3) some mayonnaise, homemade or bought (view how to make mayonnaise at home by mixer)
8) 16 bell pepper stuffed olives or another stuffed olive type
9) 200 g/7 oz of fresh arugula leaves

How to make appetizers on a stick with egg and salami from scratch? ❓

Appetizers on a Stick with Egg and Salami

1) boil eggs into salted water until yolks are hard
2) wait to cool eggs to room temperature and then peel them off
3) use a very sharp knife and cut eggs in two halves lengthwise
4) use 16 festive toothpicks and stick a stuffed olive on each of them
5) stretch a mayonnaise strip on each salami slice, then roll them as tight as possible and stick them on toothpicks near olives
6) stick each toothpick on a boiled egg half so that olive, salami, and egg are aligned lengthwise
7) place fresh arugula leaves on a platter into a layer
8) sit appetizers on a stick with egg and salami on the platter
9) serve these cold appetizers immediately ore store them in the fridge until you are going to use them as finger foods or party foods

Tips about making appetizers on a stick with egg and salami ?

Finger foods and party foods are some of the most popular appetizer recipes today. Lots of people are looking for tasty finger foods to enjoy while watching TV or chatting with friends, others are searching for the most impressive party foods when organizing various events.

The cold appetizer recipe from this page is really easy to make and require very simple ingredients. So, it’s perfect when you want to make impressive finger foods very quickly and without much effort.

Regarding the used salami type, I use a spicy salami with paprika for the red color, which makes the appetizer more attractive. Of course, you can use any other salami to make appetizers on a stick. However, pay attention when buying salami to have a proper size, namely the salami slice be of medium size and to fit a boiled egg half.

The best olives for this spicy appetizers are those stuffed with red bell peppers. Sure, other stuffed olive types can be used as well, depending on your taste. Actually, plain seedless black olives can replace stuffed olives when you don’t have them at hand.

To make even more refined appetizers, you could use Remoulade or Tartarus sauce instead of mayonnaise. By the way, you could make mayonnaise at home very easy at home by using the mixer that you can flavor as you wish.

If you don’t want to use mayonnaise, you can use mustard on your choice – classic, spicy, or sweet. Ketchup is another option to consider when making this easy cold appetizer recipe.

My final advice is to avoid arranging the platter much before serving it. Sure, you can prepare appetizers on a stick even a day in advance, but put arugula leaves to the platter and lay eggs over shortly before serving your party food. So, the platter will look good and arugula leaves won’t have a withered aspect.

Enjoy appetizers on a stick with egg and salami!

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