Homemade Apricot Jam Crescent Cookies Recipe

Apricot Jam Crescent Cookies

Old-Fashioned Apricot Jam Cookies Recipe: Hungarian Crescent Cookies

My homemade jam cookies recipe is possibly the most delicious apricot jam crescent cookies recipe you’ve ever made at home!

➡️ Are you searching for easy apricot jam cake recipes in 2024? You don’t need to look further because on this page you’ll find out how to make apricot jam crescent cookies in 11 steps at home. You may think that crescent cookies are an old-fashioned cake, but you may forget that certain traditional desserts have an evergreen character and apricot jam cookies are one of them.

➡️ Throughout my childhood, I was spoiled with apricot jam crescent cookies by my grandmother and I saw, probably dozens of times, the whole process. This old-fashioned cake always makes me nostalgic whenever I bake it and always reminds me of my maternal grandmother, with whom I spent many years of my life. My homemade crescent jam cookies recipe it’s actually her recipe and enables you to bake jam cake filled with sweet apricot jam and sprinkled with vanilla sugar in Italian/Hungarian/German style.

➡️ Baking old-fashioned apricot jam cakes is not difficult, but it requires some basic knowledge, especially regarding the preparation of the dough. It’s nothing difficult, so you need just watch the baking video below and learn how to make apricot jam cookies from scratch using a yummy and easy crescent jam cookies recipe!

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How to Make Apricot Jam Crescent Cookies from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make apricot jam crescent cookies?

Sweet Shortcrust Pastry with Lard for Cake Recipes

1) 1.3 kg/45 oz of shortcrust pastry with lard, made from 600 g/21 oz of flour (3 cups) – see how to make shortcrust pastry with lard (whoever wants, can use shortcrust pastry with butter)
2) 2-3 tbsp of all-purpose flour for the work surface
3) 100 g/3.5 oz of jam
4) 100 g/3.5 oz of vanilla caster sugar

How to make apricot jam crescent cookies from scratch?

Apricot Jam Crescent Cookies

1) after you prepare it, cut the dough into two equal pieces
2) sprinkle flour on the work surface and spread a piece of dough into a thin sheet of about 1 cm/0.4 inch
3) cut the edges of the dough sheet to be straight (cut pieces can be reused)
4) cut the dough sheet into squares with 8-10 cm/3-4 inch width
5) put on each square about half a teaspoon of apricot jam (I recommend homemade jam or commercial jam with VERY low gelatin content) – another kind of jam can be used as well
6) fold each square filled with jam twice (see video) and bend the ends to get the shape of a crescent
7) put the jam cookies on a tray with baking paper, then place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 C/360 F and bake the jam cake until browned (10-15 minutes)
8) meanwhile, do the same with the other piece of pastry
9) leave the delicious apricot jam crescent cookies to cool for about 5 minutes
10) meanwhile, bake the second tray with cake
11) coat each jam cookie with vanilla caster sugar while it’s warm, shake off the excess sugar, and place on a platter, then proceed the same with the jam cookies in the second tray

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Final Notes for the Apricot Jam Crescent Cookies Recipe

➡️ This type of jam cookie has an Austrian origin. The cake became very popular throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans during the Habsburg Empire and is now one of the most beloved homemade cakes in many regions.

➡️ The most refined apricot jam cake recipe, the original one, uses shortcrust pastry with butter, but because of the high cost of butter, people have transformed the authentic recipe and prepared dough with lard, an ingredient that is much cheaper and found in many countryside households in which were sacrificed pigs at Saint Ignatius on December.

➡️ Apart from the low price, the lard also has the advantage of making very frail cakes. Although this jam cake can be consumed immediately, it becomes much better after a few days because the dough becomes very fragile. Kept in a cool place, the delicious jam cookies with lard are good to eat even for a few weeks without altering!

➡️ Since it’s prepared with lard, this apricot jam cake is usually made in wintertime. In my childhood, it was never absent from the Christmas table, but my grandmother prepared it until late spring or as long as she had lard and jam in the pantry…

➡️ When making this cake, I recommend you buy quality lard, without excess water in the composition. Also, the jam must be of high quality, viscous, and with a very high fruit content. The original version is made with apricot jam, but you can also use other fruit sweetness if you like so.

➡️ Another similar recipe, namely jam cookies with plum marmalade, is made similar but with another type of dough and competes in my preferences with these apricot jam crescent cookies (see how to make jam cookies with plum marmalade).

➡️ Enjoy making apricot jam crescent cookies from scratch! For additional info, read more about the origins of the jam crescent cookies here!

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