Authentic Hungarian Goulash with Dumplings (Beef Goulash Recipe)

100% authentic Hungarian goulash recipes – how to make beef goulash or beef stew in 10 steps at home.

Authentic Hungarian goulash recipe to cook an old fashioned beef stew with simple and tasty ingredients like thick tomato broth, onions, and sweet paprika.

Learn in this video about how to make Hungarian goulash from scratch by using a tasty and easy beef stew recipe from Hungary!

SUPER YUMMY homemade beef stew recipe by! ENJOY Hungarian food! 👌

Authentic Hungarian goulash with dumplings – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make authentic Hungarian goulash with dumplings? ❓

1) 2 kg/70 oz of beef or veal (beef neck, beef chuck, beef brisket, beef shank, beef round)
2) 1 kg/35 oz of onions
3) 50 ml/17 fl oz of sunflower oil
4) 3 tbsp of spicy or sweet paprika on your choice
5) 1 tsp of dried marjoram
6) 1 tsp of ground nutmeg
7) 1 tsp of cumin powder
8) 2-3 dried bay leaves or to taste
9) 400 g/ 14 oz of peeled tomatoes, fresh or canned
10) 800 ml/28 fl oz of thick tomato broth
11) salt and ground black pepper to taste

How to make authentic Hungarian goulash with dumplings from scratch? ❓

1) cut the beef into medium-sized cubes and place them into a pot
2) peel onions off, chop them, and place it into the pot
3) pour the vegetable oil into the pot and about a glass of water (400 ml/14 fl oz)
4) place the pot on the stovetop over a high temperature and simmer ingredients for about 10-15 minutes or until the meat is bleached, stir ingredients from time to time
5) add paprika to the pot
6) add marjoram, nutmeg, cumin, and bay leaves
7) decrease the temperature to a medium-low level, then add peeled tomatoes, tomato broth, and about half a glass or a glass of warm water, depending on the broth thickness
8) season the goulash with some salt and ground black pepper to taste
9) simmer ingredients until the beef is very tender and the sauce drops, stir ingredients occasionally to avoid burning the bottom (this takes 1-2 hours, depending on the meat type)
10) when the Hungarian beef stew is ready, prepare some flour dumplings and serve them along with goulash (view how to make self-rising flour dumplings)

Cooking tips about the authentic Hungarian goulash recipe 🔎

Goulash is the national food in Hungary, so it’s prepared on a large scale in this country. Authentic goulash is made with beef, but nowadays becomes more and more popular the goulash prepared with pork.

Hungarians are very proud because of this food that conquered the planet! Indeed, goulash is today known in any part of the world, starting from Canada and the US, passing through the UK, and ending in distant Australia and New Zealand!

Besides popularity, goulash is renowned for its heavenly flavored taste and soft texture of the meat. All right, but how to make the perfect goulash, could you ask. I will reveal the secrets of cooking the ultimate goulash, just like in Hungary.

First, it’s very important to choose the right beef cut. The perfect goulash is made with a tender beef cut, my favorites are beef shank and beef neck.

Second, you need to add enough aroma to the dish to make it irresistible. So, don’t be afraid, and add spices in proper quantities.

Third, add the right quantity of water (this is the hidden secret of goulash!). Many people tend to add too much water and thick it will drop anyway. Well, this isn’t true because water together with tomato broth, onion, and paprika makes a thick sauce that won’t have a good consistency if you add excessive water. So, be cautious and add water in small quantities and just if really needed.

Fourth, cook goulash over low temperatures. Yes, you need a high temperature in the beginning, but after that have patience and allow the food to get tender slowly.

Finally, the authentic goulash is served with flour dumplings, but you can enjoy it with boiled potatoes and even boiled pasta (similar to the American goulash) if you like it more in this way.

Enjoy authentic Hungarian goulash and dumplings!

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