Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

🍴 Scallops Are Delicious! 😋

Bacon-wrapped scallops belong to the gourmet dishes that you usually find at dinner parties, Oscar gala receptions, or Michelin-starred restaurants. Maybe you’ve heard of this old-fashioned but still popular seafood recipe and would like to cook it at home?

Scallops are one of the most popular shellfish in the world. They are delicious when simply pan-fried but to really bring out the best flavor, they should be seared in butter. Frying and searing are the most popular ways to cook scallops and, probably, you already prepared them so.

However, be aware that cooking bacon-wrapped scallops are a more difficult task. Why? Simply because it’s quite challenging to cook both the bacon and scallops perfectly at the SAME TIME!

Enjoy cooking bacon-wrapped scallops from scratch! 👌
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🔥 Cooking Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Needs Little Time! ⌛

➡️ Cooking bacon-wrapped scallops needs little time but experienced cooking skills. Most often, the bacon is over-fried and the scallops are undercooked, so the dish doesn’t taste good at all. This is the challenge you have to face and find both the right temperature and the perfect frying time so that the food is as delicious as in a luxury restaurant.

➡️ I must admit that I am not an expert in cooking seafood in general and scallops in particular. I live in the plains, far from the sea, so I only buy seafood from the supermarket. However, I really like it and never miss the opportunity to try a new recipe with such ingredients! See below 5 video recipes that will help you cook bacon-wrapped scallops!

⬇️ Below is an inspiring culinary article that I found interesting about cooking bacon and scallops (NOT bacon-wrapped scallops!) 👌

Bacon-wrapped scallops are, a trip to Boston reminded me recently, far better in theory than in practice. You see them lined up on platters at Faneuil Hall, passed around at glittery parties in Cambridge, on menus at luxe restaurants and raucous sports bars alike. The flavors marry exquisitely, but it’s almost impossible for anyone to finish cooking both ingredients at the same time, so the result is too often crisp-gummy, unpalatable, grim. Order them at your peril.

But do eat bacon and scallops! They’re swamp-Yankee surf and turf, a taste of New England wherever you stay. I love scallops scalded in bacon fat, as with Eric Kim’s marvelous recipe for seared scallops with glazed brussels sprouts (above), and I love them served raw atop crisp bacon, as in Mark Bittman’s recipe , not to mention when they’re mixed into the seafood chowder that Julia Moskin learned to make in the kitchen at Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine.

Don’t eat bacon? Try buttery scallops with lemon and herbs . Don’t eat shellfish? Glazed bacon for you. Don’t eat either? You could spread this miso-peanut butter concoction onto just about anything and experience a different kind of umami joy.

To spread the circle wider, I know I want to make Anna Francese Gass’s new recipe for penne al baffo , a kind of penne alla vodka with ham that’s deeply savory and filling. And I’d love to celebrate the season with Hana Asbrink’s recipe […]

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➡️ 5 bacon-wrapped scallops recipes ➕

➡️ Enjoy cooking bacon-wrapped scallops from scratch!

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