Baked Italian Sausages

➡️ Are you looking for the best way to cook oven-baked Italian sausage recipes in 2022? On this page, you’ll discover how to cook sausages in the oven in 5 steps at home! Baked Italian sausages are increasingly popular because more and more people want to eat healthy and baking in the oven is one of the most recommended cooking methods to achieve this.

➡️ Of course, today you will find a lot of recipes for baked Italian sausages that include many other ingredients besides sausage. However, I’m sharing one of the simplest ways to bake them. So, my easy recipe helps you cook Italian sausages in the oven with simple and tasty ingredients.

➡️ Cooking baked Italian sausages it’s considered very simple even by those without any experience in the kitchen. Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make baked sausages using a yummy Italian sausage recipe in the oven.

The Magic Story of Cooking Italian Sausages at Home

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Video – How to Make Baked Italian Sausages from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need for baked Italian sausages?

Raw Italian Sausage Links

1) 1.5 kg/50 oz of fresh pork sausages, fresh beef sausages, fresh lamb sausages, or any other fresh sausage type (named also Italian sausage)

How to cook baked Italian sausages from scratch?

Baked Italian Sausages

1) coat a tray with baking paper, then place sausages inside so that there remains some space between them
2) put the tray in the preheated oven at the maximum temperature
3) roast sausages until they are browned on top
4) take the tray out from the oven, flip the sausages, put the tray back in the oven, and wait for the sausages to brown evenly
5) take the tray out from the oven and serve these delicious baked Italian sausages while they are still hot

What is an Italian sausage?

➡️ In North America, the term “Italian sausage” usually refers to a type of pork sausage. The sausage is frequently renowned for being seasoned mostly with fennel. However, in Italy, a large range of sausages are produced, many of which differ significantly from the aforementioned product.

📖 Read more about Italian sausages here!

PRO Tips For The Oven-Baked Italian Sausage Recipe

➡️ Who doesn’t like to eat Italian sausages? I think very few meat lovers would say that they don’t like to enjoy a piece of juicy sausage! Without any doubt, sausages are among the most appreciated food recipes in many parts of the world.

➡️ Do you know how to cook sausage in the oven? Sausages can be roasted in two ways using a stove. The first way is to fry them on the stovetop in a pan with oil or lard, the second possibility is to use the oven and roast them without oil or lard!

➡️ Those who have an oven with a grill function can opt for roasting the sausages similar to their preparation on the charcoal grill, the only difference being that they will not have the smoky taste specific to those cooked over the hot charcoal.

➡️ Of course, an experienced person in the kitchen might find it hilarious to watch a video tutorial on how to cook fresh sausages in the oven. Without doubts, cooking sausages in the oven by baking is quite simple, but you still need to know a few basic rules to not make mistakes that could ruin your dinner.

➡️ The first tip when cooking fresh sausages, either in the pan or on the tray, is to not notch them. If you cut the sausage skin, the filling will overflow and instead of fried sausages, you’ll get a kind of broken meatballs!

➡️ The second tip when cooking sausages is to avoid oiling them. The entire oven will be greased because the hot oil will splash violently, plus, the oil will dry the sausage skin out, which will break, and, as a result, the sausage will be unsightly.

➡️ The third tip for cooking fresh sausages in the oven is to buy quality sausages without much water in the composition. Normally, fresh sausage should not contain so much water to get out during roasting. If, however, the sausages eliminate pretty much water, drain it from the tray before flipping them. If you don’t do so, the Italian sausage will boil instead of frying and will have an unpleasant taste and consistency!

➡️ After you learn how to cook sausage in the oven, you have to know that baked Italian sausage can be served in different ways. Often, I like to eat them only with some mustard and a piece of fresh bread. Sometimes I replace mustard with ketchup or horseradish sauce. The second choice is to serve the sausages along with various side dishes to get more complex foods.

➡️ Among the dishes that I like very much next to baked Italian sausages are mashed potatoes and fries. However, other side dishes fit very well, such as creamy kohlrabi stew, creamy green pea stew, Hungarian sweet cabbage stew, or braised yellow beans, to list only those that I prepare most often.

Drinking Wine at Home

Drinking wine at home!

What goes better with a delicious meal than quality wine? Nothing, both from my point of view and from the ancient Greeks, who said about wine that it’s the nectar of the gods! Can we contradict them?

➡️ I like baked Italian sausages a lot and, therefore, I often cook them both when I don’t have time for a more elaborate dinner, and when I’m tired and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I also recommend you to prepare baked Italian sausages using the cooking method shown by me, I think you will like the result as well as the fact that you get a delicious meal without any hassle! Enjoy cooking Italian sausages in the oven from scratch!

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