BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

➡️ We are in the middle of summer and we can enjoy both the sunny days and also the warm evenings that allow us to stay out until late at night without shivering from the cold or dressing thickly, in other words, they are perfect for a grill party! And what could be more enjoyable on a summer weekend than spending precious time with friends or family and eating some delicious dishes taken from the smoky grill a few steps away from you?

➡️ Among the countless grilled dishes that pamper our culinary senses during a grill party, in this culinary article I bring to your attention a dish that many like but which, for some reason that escapes me, is in a shadow cone nowadays: BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

➡️ It is one of my favorites because it is incredibly delicious but also an extremely versatile dish, allowing you to change the recipe according to your personal tastes and even easily invent new recipes since you can combine juicy pork with a lot of ingredients including veggie salads, dipping sauces, any kind of cheeses, and even other types of grilled meats. You will eat a BBQ pulled pork sandwich so tasty that it will be very difficult for you to stop eating one more, then another, and so on!

The Magic Story of Making BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches at Home

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➡️ Enjoy making BBQ pulled pork sandwiches from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Making BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches Is A Breeze!

➡️ Even though they may not seem as popular as they used to be, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches still tend to be one of the most appreciated sandwiches in some parts of the United States and especially in the southern regions, where pulled pork has been always a staple food. Of course, cooking pulled pork traditionally takes a long time, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it, because there is a shortcut that allows you to make barbecue pulled pork in a much faster way.

➡️ If you are wondering what kind of magic solution this cooking method would be, the answer is that it is nothing supernatural but a method that allows fast cooking of meat, namely aluminum foil. All you have to do is marinate the pork shoulder, wrap it in aluminum foil, seal the package, and then place it on the charcoal grill. Then, you just have to flip the packed meat chunk several times to cook as evenly as possible and, finally, remove the foil and roast the meat for a couple of minutes to make an appetizing crust. That’s it, you can already make the long-awaited BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!

➡️ Here are just a few tips to help you get the perfect BBQ pulled pork sandwich: the first thing is to cut the Boston butt into medium-sized pieces to shorten the cooking time and wrap them individually in foil. The second is to cook the pork shoulder chunks at medium temperature to have enough time for the meat to soften very well but also to remain juicy inside. Finally, after removing the foil, I recommend that you brush the meat with the remaining marinade and roast it at a low temperature, flipping the pieces frequently so that they do not burn and brown evenly.

➡️ When you’re satisfied with how the grilled pork looks, you have just to take it off the barbecue, pull strips along the muscle fibers with the help of 2 forks, mix them with the sauce you’ve prepared, and then make the sandwiches with the ingredients you like best. Good appetite!

➡️ There are many fantastic dishes that are made on the grill, and one of those that I really like is the pulled pork sandwich. Boston butt is anyway my favorite pork cut when it comes to cooking pork roast and when it’s made on the charcoal grill it becomes a delicacy that I hardly stop myself from eating in excess!

➡️ I know that many of you cook pulled pork in the oven, but it can also be prepared on the grill, as described above. It’s equally juicy and tasty, so don’t hesitate to try my method of making some of the best pulled pork sandwiches you’ll ever eat! Enjoy making barbecue pulled pork sandwiches from scratch!

What is pulled pork?

➡️ Pulled pork is a dish made from shredded barbecued pork shoulder, slow-smoked over wood. It is a popular American dish, more specifically from the Southern region of the United States. The meat is mixed with a sauce after it has been shredded by hand. Indoor variations of the dish use a slow cooker.

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What is a Boston Butt?

➡️ The Boston butt is a cut of pork that is located above the standard picnic cut. It includes the blade bone and the “lean butt”. The Boston butt is a portion of the pork shoulder.

Pork shoulder is easy to cook, economical and forgiving of culinary missteps. That makes it the best cut for at-home grillers to learn the fundamentals of barbecue, says pitmaster Matt Abdoo .

“Training on cooking pork shoulder, aka pulled pork, is one of the greatest barbecue items because it’s one of the most recognizable iconic dishes within the barbecue world,” he says, adding it’s also a crowd-pleaser.

Smoking pork shoulder teaches you about maintaining your fire, how to wrap meats, how to gauge tenderness by temperature and other barbecue basics. While it has similarities to other large cuts of meat such as brisket, it’s much less expensive.[…]

➡️ Enjoy making BBQ pulled pork sandwiches from scratch!

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