Appetizer Recipes - Appetizers on a Stick with Egg and Salami

Appetizer recipes are very popular in 2022. This is because they are quick to prepare, are delicious, and include all sorts of ingredients that are easy to buy from supermarkets and food or farm markets.

Appetizers include a wide range of dishes, both cold and hot. The most popular appetizer recipes are the cold ones, maybe because they are very suitable for parties, and events but also as quick snacks.

A special category of appetizers is represented by appetizer salads, which are generally made with mayonnaise or sour cream (see bottom of the page).

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📖 Table of Contents ⬇️

➡️ What do appetizer recipes mean? ➕

➡️ What is an appetizer? ❓

Did You Know That?

“An appetizer is a small dish of an overall meal. It can also be a drink or multiple drinks containing alcohol. Common examples include shrimp cocktails, calamari, salad, potato skins, mussels, bruschetta or cheese, and crackers. An appetizer may also be very elegant in some restaurants.[1][2]
They are often referred to as snacks or hors d’oeuvres.”
“The term appetizer is a synonym for hors d’oeuvre. It was first used in the United States and England simultaneously in 1860. Americans also use the term to define the first of three courses in a meal, an optional one generally set on the table before guests were seated.”
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➡️ List of the best appetizer recipes ➕

Below are listed all the recipes that fall into the category of appetizers. This list is dynamic because new recipes are constantly published on this website and those that are part of this category will be added depending on the order of appearance.

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➡️ Related categories to appetizer recipes ➕

Find the most popular related appetizer recipes in the categories below:

cold appetizers | salad appetizers

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