Best Grilled Chicken Legs - BBQ Chicken Marinade Recipe
Best Grilled Chicken Legs – BBQ Chicken Marinade Recipe

BBQ chicken marinade recipes – how to make grilled chicken legs on the charcoal grill or in the oven. Best grilled chicken legs recipe to cook chicken legs with a homemade marinade based on garlic and more simple and tasty ingredients.

Learn in this video how to make BBQ grilled chicken legs from scratch in the oven or on the charcoal grill by using a yummy and easy chicken marinade recipe with garlic!

SUPER YUMMY homemade chicken marinade recipe by!


Best grilled chicken legs recipe – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make grilled chicken legs? ❓

1) 6 chicken legs or chicken leg quarters
2) salt and ground black pepper to taste
3) a whole garlic head or to taste
4) 4-8 tbsp of sunflower oil or olive oil, depending on the fat from chicken skin
5) 2 tbsp of apple vinegar or fresh lemon juice
6) 1 tbsp of sweet paprika or spicy paprika
7) 1 tbsp of chopped tarragon or rosemary leaves (you can use 1/2 tsp of the dried version)
8) 1 tbsp of chopped oregano, marjoram, or thyme leaves (you can use 1/2 tsp of the dried version)

How to make BBQ chicken marinade from scratch? ❓

1) cut the joint between thighs and drumsticks halfway to fry better the meat on the bones (recommended), you can also separate chicken thighs and drumsticks if you like so
2) salt chicken to taste and rub all pieces all over to get better salt inside
3) peel garlic cloves off and crush, chop, or grind them finely for the BBQ chicken marinade recipe
4) place garlic into a bowl and pour over some vegetable oil
5) pour apple vinegar or lemon juice, depending on your taste
6) add some ground black pepper to the chicken marinade
7) chop aromatic herbs and add them into the bowl or use their dried versions
8) mix chicken marinade ingredients to combine very well
9) place this BBQ chicken marinade on the legs and rub them well by hand to coat their entire surface
10) cover chicken legs with food foil and place them into the fridge for at least 2-3 hours or overnight (recommended)
11) prepare your gas or charcoal grill right before you start grilling chicken, but wait until the coal is no more incandescent to get the best results
12) grill chicken legs and serve them immediately

Tips about making grilled chicken legs with the best BBQ chicken marinade recipe🔎

Grilled chicken legs are among chicken recipes that I love at most! I like grilled chicken very mush, so I cook this food as many time as I spend time outdoors. Additionally, I cook often grilled chicken in the oven as well.

I could not say which is the best grilled chicken legs recipe because I have more recipes for grilling chicken that I use frequently. Most of them include a BBQ chicken marinade recipe because I love flavored food, so I cook chicken with different aromas, depending on the weather and my mood!

Generally speaking, almost all marinade recipes that I make for grilling chicken feature garlic because I think chicken and garlic go very well together. The amount of garlic I use is pretty large in most people’s opinions, but I love garlic and use a lot to flavor any kind of meat. Of course, you can adapt the garlic quantity that you are going to use according to your personal taste.

Next to the best grilled chicken legs recipe I recommend to serve white wine or cold beer.

Enjoy the best grilled chicken legs recipe with an easy chicken marinade!

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