Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Fried Onions

Cooking the best homemade mashed potatoes recipe – how to make mashed potatoes with fried onions in 5 steps at home.

Creamy mashed potatoes recipe for cooking mashed potatoes with simple and tasty ingredients like sour cream and fried onions.

Learn in this cooking video how to make homemade mashed potatoes from scratch using a tasty and easy creamed potatoes recipe with fried onions!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by www.homemaderecipesfromscratch.com! ENJOY the best homemade mashed potatoes! 👌

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👌 Cooking homemade mashed potatoes – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need for making the best homemade mashed potatoes? ❓

Boiled Potatoes

1) 1 kg/35 oz of potatoes
2) some salt to taste
3) 250 g/9 oz of white or yellow onions
4) 50 ml/2 fl oz of sunflower oil
5) 2 tbsp of sour cream/heavy cream (12% fat)
6) some spicy or sweet paprika for serving (optional)

➡️ How to make the best homemade mashed potatoes from scratch? ❓

Best Homemade Mashed Potatoes (Making Mashed Potatoes)

1) peel potatoes, cube them small, place them in a pot with salted water, and boil them until soft
2) meanwhile, peel onions, chop them small, place them in a pan with little oil, and fry them over a medium temperature until slightly golden
3) drain the water from potatoes and mash them coarsely by hand
4) place fried onions over mashed potatoes and mix ingredients
5) add sour cream and combine ingredients thoroughly by hand until smooth, sprinkle some paprika over the mashed potatoes when serving them (optional)

➡️ Cooking tips for the homemade mashed potatoes 🔎

Potatoes are, without any doubt, some of the most popular vegetables to make side dishes. Two of the most popular side dishes with potatoes are French fries and mashed potatoes.

Europeans and North Americans are crazy about mashed potatoes! They simply love eating this food along with roasted or grilled meat. As a result, both in Europe and North America you’ll find lots of recipes for mashed potatoes prepared with a wide scale of ingredients.

OK, but which is the best homemade mashed potatoes recipe? This is a question that is difficult to answer, given that people’s tastes and preferences are very different. In my opinion, one of the recipes that can run for the title of the best mashed potatoes recipe is the one I share on this page.

Despite its simplicity, it is full of flavors, it’s ready very quickly and contains few ingredients that are common to most of us.

It contains two of the main ingredients in Hungarian cuisine, namely onion and paprika. Of course, the use of paprika is not mandatory, but it would certainly be included in the best homemade mashed potatoes recipe in Hungary, especially in combination with fried onions!

One thing I emphasize is to mix the ingredients manually, not with the mixer or food processor. When you mix the potatoes at a very high speed, they turn into a very fine paste that becomes gummy in combination with milk, heavy cream, or oil.

On the other hand, their manual crushing gives a rougher texture that helps to prepare a delicious mixture that could be given the title of the best homemade mashed potatoes recipe!

More information about the ingredients used for mashed potatoes is available below.

Enjoy the best homemade mashed potatoes with fried onions and sour cream!

➡️ What are mashed potatoes? 🔎

Did You Know? Health Benefits

Mashed potato (British English) or mashed potatoes (American English and Canadian English), colloquially known as mash (British English),[2] is a dish made by mashing boiled potatoes, usually with added milk, butter, salt and pepper. It is generally served as a side dish to meat or vegetables. When the potatoes are only roughly mashed, they are sometimes called smashed potatoes.

Most authors recommend the use of “floury” potatoes, although “waxy” potatoes are sometimes used for a different texture.[3] The best-known floury varieties are King Edward, russet, golden wonder, and red rascal.[4]

Butter, milk or cream, salt, and pepper are usually added. Many other seasonings may also be used, including herbs (notably parsley and chives), spices (notably nutmeg), garlic, cheese, bacon, sour cream, crisp onion or spring onion, caramelized onion, and mustard.[5]

One French variation adds egg yolk for pommes duchesse or Duchess potatoes; piped through a pastry tube into wavy ribbons and rosettes, brushed with butter and lightly browned. Pomme pur̩e (potato puree) uses considerably more butter than normal mashed potato Рup to one part butter for every two parts potato.[3][6] In low-calorie or non-dairy variations, milk, cream and butter may be replaced by soup stock or broth. Aloo Bharta, an Indian sub-continent variation, uses chopped onions, mustard (oil, paste or seeds), chili pepper, coriander leaves and other spices.

Mashed potato (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashed_potato)

➡️ Health benefits of potatoes ⚕️

Did You Know? Health Benefits

Potatoes are relatively cheap, easy to grow and packed with a variety of nutrients.

1. Packed With Nutrients

Potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals, though the variety and preparation method can affect the nutritional content.

2. Contain Antioxidants

Potatoes are a good source of antioxidants, which may reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. However, more human-based research is required before making any recommendations.

3. May Improve Blood Sugar Control

Potatoes contain resistant starch, which may help reduce insulin resistance. In turn, this can help improve blood sugar control.

4. May Improve Digestive Health

Resistant starch in potatoes is a source of nutrition for beneficial gut bacteria. They convert it to the short-chain fatty acid butyrate, which has been linked to reduced inflammation in the colon, improved colon defenses and a lower risk of colorectal cancer.

5. Naturally Gluten-Free

Potatoes are naturally gluten-free, which makes them an excellent food choice for people with celiac disease or a non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

6. Incredibly Filling

Studies have shown that potatoes are among the most filling foods. They may increase the levels of fullness hormones, such as cholecystokinin (CCK).

7. Extremely Versatile

Potatoes are delicious, versatile and easy to add to your diet. Try boiling, baking or steaming them and consuming them with the skin intact.

7 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Potatoes (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/benefits-of-potatoes)

➡️ More homemade mashed potato recipes ➕

Easy Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream & Butter

Enjoy the best homemade mashed potatoes with fried onions and sour cream!

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