Broiled Asparagus

Cooking Broiled Asparagus

Some of the best asparagus recipes you have ever cooked!

➡️ Did you know that you can cook broiled asparagus? Yes, it is not a mistake, the queen of spring vegetables, asparagus, can be cooked easily and quickly in the oven without any hassle. The result is really delicious and can be served with various dipping sauces or as a side dish with other main dishes.

➡️ If you didn’t know yet, asparagus is a member of the lily family and is closely related to the onion and garlic. The spears are green with a white bloom and are boiled, grilled, broiled, or steamed. Asparagus is a common ingredient in many recipes and dishes, including soups, stews, pasta dishes, and risottos, to name but a few of them.

➡️Broiled asparagus is not the same as grilled asparagus or roasted asparagus. To cook this dish, you need first to boil or sautée the asparagus, then season it to your liking, and place it in the oven to get broiled. After that, this delicious food can be served immediately as a side dish, main dish, or snack. Also, it can be served later as an appetizer or party food.

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Cooking Broiled Asparagus Is A Breeze!

➡️ Cooking broiled asparagus is very easy and doesn’t pose any difficulty for beginner home chefs. One of the simplest recipes requires quickly stirring some butter and olive oil and sauteing the asparagus in a pan for a few minutes until becomes soft. Then, you need to add a little salt, pepper, and other spices if you like. Finally, place it on a baking dish and broil the asparagus for about 5 minutes, or until the tip of the asparagus is tender and the spears still have a little crunch.

➡️ Cooking broiled asparagus is an easy way to prepare a healthy and tasty side dish. Broiling is actually the quickest way to cook asparagus. Like most vegetables, asparagus benefits from being cooked in some fat. I like to use butter, but you can also use cooking oil or ghee if you want. The reason why I like to use butter is because it helps the asparagus brown and give it a better flavor.

➡️ As mentioned above, there are many ways to cook asparagus besides broiling. I’ve selected below a few asparagus recipes that will help you cook it like a chef and serve tasty dishes to your family and friends.

➡️ Broiling asparagus is a quick way to bring out their natural sweetness and produce golden-brown, crisp-tender spears. It’s not the only way to cook asparagus, but it’s a simple and tasty option.

One thing we know about eating seasonally: local, in-season food just absolutely tastes better. Right now, asparagus is SO delicious whether it comes from your favorite local farm or a grocery store — in-season produce is more likely to have traveled less and been picked at peak ripeness.

To select asparagus, look for medium-sized stalks (a little larger than a pencil) that are bright green all the way to the ends, not woody, white, or dry. If you aren’t going to cook the asparagus in 3 days or so, store it standing upright in a container with about an inch of water (a tall deli tub or vase works well for this), like you’d store cut flowers.[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking asparagus recipes from scratch!

15 More Asparagus Recipes

➡️ I’ve listed below some of the best asparagus recipes I found on the web.

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