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Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” grocery stores! Buy 100% American meat online! All of our products are sourced from local ranches and farms in America’s heartland. Our cattle are pasture-raised, our chickens are free-range, and our farms use cutting-edge technology to ensure that every cut of meat that arrives at your table is a cut above the rest!

I think that nowadays everyone is informed about the importance of the quality of the meat we consume. Studies show that it’s important not only to consume not just fresh meat but also of superior quality, that is, meat from animals raised on the farm in an organic way.

Nowadays it’s not difficult to buy fresh meat online because there are a lot of merchants that offer this product. However, I recommend that you buy fresh meat online only from farms that offer a guarantee of an organic animal rearing process, thus being sure that the meat you eat is not only tasty but also healthy and will not affect you negatively. Click on the buttons below to find out more information and choose the best organic products!

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What is fresh meat?

🐮 Fresh meat is defined as meat that has not been cooked, heated, or processed in any way other than boning, cutting, comminuting, or freezing.

Is fresh meat healthier than processed one?

🐮 Processed meat contains always more fat and calories per serving, but less protein and cholesterol than fresh meat. Salt (four times more salt in processed meat) and nonsalt preservatives are the most significant nutritional differences between unprocessed and processed red meat (higher in processed meat).