Cabbage Stew with Pork
Hungarian Cabbage and Pork Stew

Pork and cabbage stew recipes – how to make cabbage stew with pork. Easy food recipe to make pork and cabbage stew with tender pork shoulder, tasty tomato, and more simple ingredients.

Learn in this video how to make pork cabbage stew by using a yummy and easy pork and cabbage recipe from scratch!

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Cabbage stew with pork – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make cabbage and pork stew? ❓

1) 3 kg / 106 oz of fresh white cabbage u003cbru003e2) 1.5 kg / 52 oz of pork shoulder or fresh pork hamu003cbru003e3) salt or salty red pepper paste and black pepperu003cbru003e4) garlic cloves to taste (I use a whole head of garlic)u003cbru003e5) some wateru003cbru003e6) sour cream for serving (optional)

How to make cabbage stew with pork from scratch? ❓

1) remove outer withered leaves and cut the cabbage in two halvesu003cbru003e2) remove stub, then shred or wedge the cabbage by the knife into thin stripsu003cbru003e3) dice pork shoulder into medium-sized cubesu003cbru003e4) place half cabbage into a higher pot, then add cubed porku003cbru003e5) season with salt and ground black pepper to tasteu003cbru003e6) chop or cut garlic cloves into rounds, then place it into the potu003cbru003e7) pour water to cover ingredients, then shake the pot to avoid sticking to the pot bottomu003cbru003e8) put remaining cabbage in the pot, then place the pot on the stovetop over low temperatureu003cbru003e9) pour some vegetable oil (optional) if you are using pork ham without too much fat, then boil cabbage stew until all the ingredients are very tenderu003cbru003e10) serve cabbage and pork stew along with some sour cream placed on the top (recommended)

Cooking tips about pork and cabbage stew recipe 🔎

Stew is one of the most popular food recipes in many parts of the world.

There are lots of stew recipes featuring different ingredients such as meat and vegetables. One of the most-used vegetables to cook stew is cabbage.

Cabbage stew includes fresh white cabbage as a primary ingredient. It features also other vegetables like onion, carrot, and celery.

Besides vegetables, cabbage stew might include meat – mostly pork or beef, noodles, chicken broth, and different herbs and spices.

Some of the countries where cabbage stew is very popular include Hungary, Poland, France, Turkey, and Russia.

This cabbage and pork recipe is really tasty and easy to make, it doesn’t require many ingredients and advanced cooking skills.

Regarding the fresh pork meat – I recommend using pork shoulder or fresh pork ham. Still, there can be used other pork cuts as well such as ribs, brisket, neck, and even bone-in loin.

Usually, this dish is made with fresh cabbage, but you can cook it with sauerkraut as well during wintertime.

The sour cabbage version of the pork and cabbage stew recipe is very delicious and nourishing, especially during winter, when all of us need warm and wholesome food.

While cooking this stew recipe, you can replace fresh pork meat with smoked ham, smoked sausage, or smoked bacon. These stew varieties are more popular in Eastern European countries.

The cabbage stew with pork is served usually plain, just with some fresh bread next to it.

For a more creamy and refined taste, I suggest you adding some sour cream on top of the cabbage stew with pork.

Those who like the more spicy foods are invited to grind over some black pepper – the stew will taste fantastic!

However, the stew can be placed also over boiled potatoes or boiled rice for an even more nourishing dish.

Next to this pork and cabbage stew, I don’t recommend to serve beer or wine. The most suitable beverage is a strong schnapps as an appetizer. Enjoy it!

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