Chicken Primavera

Even if chicken pasta primavera sound typical Italian it is in fact an American dish…and a very tasty one!

Just imagine a plate of tender and juicy chicken breast, soft pasta, crispy vegetables full of freshness, flavored sour cream sauce, and a melted Parmesan crust – this is chicken pasta primavera!

And if you think it’s a complicated recipe that takes a lot of time, you’re totally wrong! The chicken primavera recipe is actually very easy even for beginner home chefs and is ready very quickly! In addition, the super delicious dinner will delight you as it rarely happens!

Enjoy cooking chicken primavera from scratch! 👌
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👌 How to cook chicken primavera from scratch? 📺

When you want to cook a very tasty, healthy, and quickly-made dinner, I recommend you try my chicken pasta primavera recipe. It is full of vitamins but also protein, so it will satisfy your hunger accumulated over the day but this will not make you feel guilty because the ingredients of the recipe are very healthy and do not pose a danger to your silhouette! Not to mention that the flavors of the ingredients will create a good mood that will make your evening very pleasant!

Below are listed the needed ingredients and the cooking methods for my chicken primavera recipe.

Enjoy cooking the chicken pasta primavera recipe from scratch!

➡️ What ingredients do you need to cook chicken pasta primavera? ❓ (recipe for 6 servings)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet

1) 500 g/17 oz of skinless boneless chicken breast
2) 300 g/10 oz of penne pasta (you can use other pasta types as well)
3) 150 g/5.5 oz of zucchini, thinly sliced
4) 150 g/5.5 oz of cherry tomatoes, cut into halves
5) 100 g/3.5 oz of yellow onions, very finely wedged
6) 1-2 cloves of garlic, very finely minced, chopped, or crushed
7) 100 g/3.5 oz of green peas (fresh, frozen, or canned)
8) 150 g/5.5 oz of grated Parmesan
9) 200 g/7 oz of sour cream (20% fat)
10) salt and ground white pepper
11) 1/2 tsp of dried oregano powder
12) 2 tbsp of fresh basil leaves (1 tbsp for garnishing)
13) 3-4 tsbp of olive oil

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➡️ How to cook chicken pasta primavera from scratch? ❓

Healthy Chicken Pasta Primavera

➡️ Eager to know how to cook chicken pasta primavera? The recipe is very tasty and easy to cook, so I wholeheartedly recommend it!
Below are listed the steps required to cook the chicken primavera recipe.

Total Time: 30 minutes

1) Boil the pasta al dente

Bring to boil a pot with salted water, add the pasta and boil it al dente (undercooked) according to instructions on the package, then drain the water well and set it aside

2) Fry the chicken breast

Bone the chicken breast if needed, cube it into medium pieces, pour oil into a skillet, wait to heat up, then add the chicken breast, season with some salt, and fry it over a medium temperature until bleached

3) Add the veggies to the skillet

Add the onion, garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, and peas to the skillet and simmer the ingredients for about 5 minutes or until slightly roasted

4) Deglaze the skillet

Pour half a glass of water into the skillet to stop frying and deglaze the skillet, add dried oregano, white pepper, and half of the fresh basil leaves, then simmer ingredients for 2-3 minutes or until the water is very low

5) Make the white sauce

Add the heavy cream to the skillet, stir ingredients, and simmer them just to bring to a boil (1-2 minutes), then stop the heat

6) Complete the chicken pasta primavera

Add the boiled pasta to the skillet, mix the ingredients well, then sprinkle grated parmesan into a layer and place the lid on the skillet to make a melted crust

7) Garnish and serve the dish

Remove the lid, sprinkle some fresh basil leaves over the chicken primavera and serve it immediately

➡️ 10 PRO tips for cooking the chicken primavera recipe like a chef! 🔎

  • if you have only chicken breast with skin and bone do not panic, here’s how to debone a chicken breast
  • cut the chicken breast into medium cubes for optimal cooking
  • cut the onion thinly so as not to feel unpleasant pieces in the final preparation
  • slice zucchini into medium pieces, we really want to feel its texture
  • use fat sour cream to make a creamy white sauce that goes perfectly with boiled pasta
  • leave the tomatoes whole if they are small
  • frozen green peas can be replaced with other frozen vegetables such as French green beans or broccoli – the result will be just as delicious
  • you don’t have frozen vegetables? No problem, you can use canned mushrooms instead!
  • cover the pan with a lid after you sprinkle the grated cheese, you will create an extremely delicious crust
  • grate the Parmesan cheese with a coarser texture, the crust will be tastier

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➡️ What is chicken primavera? ❓

Did You Know That?

The name sounds like an authentic Italian dish, but in fact, pasta primavera is an American pasta recipe. This dish was invented in the 1970s by an Italian descent from New York named Sirio Maccioni and essentially contains cooked pasta with fresh vegetables and a creamy white sauce.
Today there are many pasta primavera recipes, many of which contain chicken breast. The dish can be hot and served as a main course or it can be cold and served as an appetizer salad or party food.

➡️ What are the health benefits of eating chicken breast? ⚕️

Healthy Diet -Did You Know the Health Benefits?

“Chicken has well-documented health benefits, but different parts and preparation methods factor into how healthy your chicken-based meal turns out. Darker cuts like the thigh and drumstick contain higher caloric content than lighter cuts like the breast. Keeping the skin or frying chicken will also add saturated fat.
If you’re switching out red meat for chicken, you’ll want to stick with chicken breast, as it’s the healthiest cut of the bird.
Health Benefits
Chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meats. A great source of protein, the meat has been linked to a variety of health benefits:
Stronger Bones and Muscles
The lean protein in chicken is an excellent source of amino acids. Our bodies use amino acids to build muscle tissue, something that is particularly important as we age. Studies have also shown that higher protein intake helps to maintain bone mineral density. Eating chicken can help to build stronger muscles and promote healthier bones, decreasing the risk of injuries and diseases such as osteoporosis.
Weight Management and Heart Health
Research suggests that 25-30 grams of protein per meal can help us feel more full. Protein-rich meals can make us feel fuller despite us eating less, which helps to promote better weight management. Healthier weight leads to improvements in risk factors for heart problems such as high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure. Food rich in protein, chicken can help with weight management and reduce the risk of heart disease.”
📖 Read more on the Health Benefits of Chicken!

➡️ Why cook chicken pasta primavera? ❓

Why to Do That?

After taking a look at the recipe, you may be wondering why cook chicken pasta primavera. Here are some of my reasons:
– pasta primavera is very easy to cook, it features simple ingredients that you find everywhere
– pasta primavera isn’t costly, no ingredient will break your bank account
– chicken pasta primavera enables you to taste two worlds in one plate – protein from chicken breast, sour cream, and cheese and vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables
– chicken pasta primavera is so tasty you’ll find hardly someone doesn’t like it…
– chicken pasta primavera enables you to use leftover pasta or grilled chicken breast in a very tasty way
– chicken primavera is very versatile – you can use any vegetable you like, plus you can serve it as a main dish, as an appetizer, or as party food

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Enjoy cooking the chicken primavera recipe from scratch!

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