Authentic Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings

Authentic Chicken Soup with Semolina Dumplings

➡️ Searching for easy chicken soup recipes in 2024? On this page, you can learn how to make Hungarian chicken soup with dumplings in 16 steps.

➡️ My authentic Hungarian chicken soup recipe helps you cook vegetable soup with chicken breast, semolina dumplings, and boiled vegetables.

➡️ Don’t miss your chance to learn how to make soup at home with the very best vegetable chicken soup recipe in the Hungarian style!

How to Make Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make the chicken broth?

Whole Chicken Breast

1) 1.5 kg/50 oz of bone-in chicken breast with skin or a whole chicken
2) 1 yellow onion
3) 2 tbsp of coarse salt or to taste
4) 1 tbsp of black peppercorn or to taste
5) 2 tbsp of dehydrated vegetables (optional)
6) 1.5 kg/50 oz of mixed root vegetables (carrot, parsnip root, parsley root, celery root)
7) chopped parsley leaves to taste (optional)

What ingredients do you need to make semolina dumplings?


1) 2 eggs
2) 2 tbsp of sunflower oil
3) 8 tbsp of semolina
4) a pinch of salt

How to make Hungarian chicken soup with dumplings from scratch?

Authentic Chicken Soup with Semolina Dumplings

1) place chicken breast or whole chicken in a large pot (8-10 l/270-340 fl oz)
2) remove outer sheets from the onion, cut the ends, and add them to the pot
3) season the chicken soup with salt, peppercorn, and dehydrated vegetables to taste
4) peel root vegetables off, cut them into thicker sticks, then place sticks into the crock
5) fill the pot up with water, then place it on the stove over low temperature
6) boil the soup until both chicken and vegetables are soft, in the meantime remove the foam forming on the surface with a tablespoon several times to cook a very clear vegetable chicken soup
7) take meat and vegetables out from the chicken broth, then
pass chicken broth through a sieve to remove all impurities and have a clear soup
8) place the pot with chicken broth (3-4 ladles/serving) over low temperature and wait to warm up
9) meanwhile, break eggs into a bowl, then beat them up with a fork and season with some salt to taste
10) add sunflower oil, semolina, and a pinch of salt, then combine ingredients by hand until you get a very smooth dough
11) when the broth is very hot, place in the broth dough pieces of the size of about half a tablespoon
12) wait to rise semolina dumplings to the soup surface, it takes usually 3-5 minutes and is the sign they are soft and boiled
13) cover the pot with a lid and wait about 15 minutes before serving (recommended) – in this way semolina dumplings will be very fluffy from the steam which is accumulating in the pot
14) in the meantime, remove skin and bone from chicken breast or whole chicken and cut meat into strips or medium-sized chunks
15) serve 2-3 ladles of soup with several semolina dumplings on a deep plate, then add 1-2 boiled root vegetables and 1-2 chicken breast strips
16) sprinkle over the chicken soup with dumplings some chopped parsley leaves and grind some black pepper for a more spicy taste (optional)

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Final Notes for the Hungarian Chicken Soup Recipe

➡️ Chicken soup with dumplings is one of the favorite recipes for chicken soup in many families in Hungary. In fact, this soup is one of the most popular soup recipes in many Eastern European and Balkan countries, including Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and so on.

➡️ The chicken soup with dumplings is especially appreciated in winter when low temperatures and humid weather inspire people to eat hot soup. In addition, chicken vegetable soup with semolina dumplings is very nutritious and that means you don’t have to eat anything else after it to get full for lunch or dinner.

➡️ You may think that cooking a larger amount of food is not right for you. You probably don’t know that chicken broth, boiled chicken, and vegetables can be stored separately in the fridge for a few days, so you can make fresh soup for family or friends whenever you want. In addition, if you didn’t know by now, chicken broth can be stored in the freezer for a few months and used for soup or risotto.

➡️ In addition to dumplings, chicken broth is very good with noodles. That’s why I cook chicken noodle soup using this recipe. The cooking method is the same, except for the final part when you replace the semolina dumplings with the noodles.

➡️ Many people have already cooked homemade chicken soup recipes and were not happy with the result because the soup was unclear. To enjoy the best results when making Hungarian chicken soup with dumplings, just follow two very important cooking tips to get a clear soup: remove the foam from the surface as it forms and boil soup at low temperature.

➡️ Those who prefer turkey to chicken can easily replace it. The turkey broth is cooked identically, so you can easily enjoy turkey noodle soup or turkey soup with semolina dumplings made in the same way.

➡️ If you haven’t eaten Hungarian soup before, I recommend this chicken soup with dumplings. You will probably like it a lot and therefore you will include it in the list of soups that you cook very often!

➡️ Enjoy authentic Hungarian chicken soup with dumplings!

➡️ Enjoy the Hungarian chicken soup with dumplings from scratch! For additional info, read more on chicken soup.

FAQs about Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings

What is Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings?

Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings, also known as Csirkeleves, is a traditional Hungarian soup made with chicken and homemade dumplings. It is a comforting and hearty dish that is popular in Hungarian cuisine.

What are the main ingredients used in Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings?

The main ingredients for Hungarian Chicken Soup include chicken (typically a whole chicken or chicken pieces), vegetables such as carrots, celery, and onions, and various herbs and spices for flavoring. The dumplings are made from a simple dough mixture of flour, eggs, and water.

How is Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings prepared?

To prepare Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings, the chicken is simmered in a pot with water, vegetables, and seasonings until the chicken is cooked through and tender, resulting in a flavorful broth. The chicken is then removed from the pot, shredded, and added back to the soup. Meanwhile, the dumpling dough is prepared and dropped into the simmering soup, where they cook until they are light and fluffy.

Are there variations of Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings?

Yes, there are variations of Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings based on personal preferences and regional differences. Some variations may include the addition of other vegetables like potatoes or green peas, while others may incorporate different herbs and spices for a unique flavor profile.

Can I make Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings with boneless chicken?

Although the traditional recipe calls for chicken on the bone, you can still make Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings using boneless chicken, such as chicken breasts or thighs. However, using bone-in chicken adds more flavor to the broth. If using boneless chicken, you may need to adjust the cooking time to ensure the chicken is fully cooked and tender.

What type of dumplings are used in Hungarian Chicken Soup?

The dumplings used in Hungarian Chicken Soup are typically small and light. They are made from a simple dough mixture of flour, eggs, and water, which is dropped into the simmering soup. The dumplings cook in the broth and become fluffy and tender.

Can I freeze Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings?

Yes, Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings can be frozen for later consumption. It is best to freeze the soup without the dumplings, as they may become soggy upon thawing and reheating. Freeze the soup in an airtight container or freezer bags, and when ready to serve, reheat the soup and add freshly cooked dumplings.

What are some recommended garnishes or accompaniments for Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings?

Hungarian Chicken Soup with Dumplings can be garnished with fresh parsley or dill for added freshness and flavor. Additionally, a dollop of sour cream can be added to each serving to provide a creamy and tangy element. Serve the soup with crusty bread or Hungarian-style bread rolls on the side.

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