Chicken Tacos Dinner

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A chicken tacos dinner would be a dream come true for many of us, wouldn’t it? For me and my family, the answer is definitely yes. Sometimes I don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so a chicken tacos dinner is a logical and delicious choice!

You’ve probably seen chicken tacos on restaurant menus. But have you ever made your own? It’s really easy to cook up a batch of authentic-tasting chicken tacos that are great for lunch or dinner. For sure, this type of food will delight your taste buds the most!

Making chicken tacos for dinner is great for when you’re craving a taco but you’re craving something healthy too. It’s very simple to make and very easy to customize your tacos with whatever toppings and ingredients you like most.

Enjoy cooking chicken tacos from scratch! 👌
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Wondering how chicken tacos became so popular in the United States? During the war, the chicken was scarce, but when the shortages ended, many people craved the meat. This led to the invention of the chicken taco, the most common taco type in the United States. The chicken taco is a folded or rolled piece of chicken meat, usually deep-fried, served in a corn or flour tortilla with lettuce, cheese, and a sauce or salsa. The chicken taco is most commonly served as street food, but it is also served in restaurants and taco trucks.

The most basic chicken taco is just seasoned chicken on a corn or flour tortilla, but there are so many ways to build on that base. Along with the leftover grilled chicken, one of my favorite options is to swap out the standard white meat for chicken breast marinated in a mixture of lime juice, cumin, and chili powder for a smokey, bolder flavor. This chicken taco recipe is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so feel free to change up the salsa, toppings, and spices to suit your preferences and what you have on hand.

The delicious taste and short time spent in the kitchen definitely recommend this dish as a perfect option for a quick dinner, but did you know that chicken tacos are also healthy? Below is some information about the health benefits of eating chicken.

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Whether it’s Taco Tuesday — or any other day of the week for that matter — tacos have a place on the menu. Tacos are one of the most versatile meals, whether for lunch or dinner. They can feature beef, pork, chicken, and even tofu. And truly, the options for toppings to customize your own are endless. Need an idea for a great taco recipe that really elevates the taco game? Recipe developer and food photographer Petar Marshall is doing just that with this smoked chicken tacos recipe . “The smoked flavor of the chicken serves as the ideal base,” says Marshall. “They’re then taken to a whole other level with a cilantro-avocado crema, along with smoked bell pepper.”

Smoke the chicken on your Traeger, or other smoker, along with a whole bell pepper. Chop everything up, and then assemble your tacos in a matter of minutes. They’re fresh and full of flavor, making for the perfect warm-weather meal. Gather the ingredients for smoked chicken tacos

Ready to get started on making these tacos? For this recipe, you’ll need, two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, one small red onion, two avocados, one bell pepper, one cup of sour cream, two limes, six sprigs of cilantro, tortillas, and garlic salt and pepper. “I used an orange bell pepper for this recipe to give it great flavor and color,” says Marshall. “You can opt for red or green, as well, if preferred.”[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking chicken tacos from scratch!

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