Cooking Chicken in the Oven with Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella

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Cooking chicken in the oven has become a habit of many of us today. If before the roast chicken was cooked for Sunday lunch, today the chicken is cooked in the oven for a common dinner during the week.

Cooking chicken for dinner has become a routine for several reasons: oven-roasted chicken is delicious, its preparation is quick and, in addition, chicken is one of the cheapest foods today.

Due to its popularity, there are many recipes available for cooking chicken in the oven. Most of them are simple, but some people find very innovative ways to cook a whole chicken in the oven with ingredients you would never think of (see bottom of the page.)

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Many cultures use the oven as the primary cooking method for chicken. While oven-roasted chicken is delicious and easy to make, it is not the only way to cook chicken. A whole chicken can be baked, but it can also be first stuffed with various ingredients and then roasted or baked.

Whether you like your chicken cooked through or crispy on the outside, there are a number of ways you can cook chicken in the oven. The simplest way for cooking chicken in the oven is to cook it whole, with the skin intact. For chicken breasts and other lean, meaty chicken parts, this is really the best cooking method.

Consciously or not, a lot of people like cooking chicken in the oven both because it’s very tasty but also because, subconsciously, they know that chicken is one of the healthiest foods they can cook today apart from vegetables. And indeed, the chicken offers a lot of benefits to your body. Below is some information about the health benefits of eating chicken.

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This dish is a play on the flavors of a margherita pizza but the topping ingredients adorn roast chicken breasts. My family loves pizza, and we often make it at home, using homemade dough on the weekend and store-bought bases during the week. But even with a ready-made base pizza is time-consuming and messy to assemble, plus my standard oven will only fit one at a time, so just cooking enough to feed four hungry people can take the better part of an hour.

This recipe takes the flavors of a classic pizza – tomato, basil, and olives with mozzarella cheese– throws in some chicken for a protein boost, and roasts the whole lot in the oven for a creamy, cheesy, salty delight that will have you in and out of the kitchen in half an hour. You could pair it with flatbread to make a sort of deconstructed pizza, or serve it over rice, pasta, or pretty much any starch you have lying around. The world won’t cave in if you use dried oregano, or skip the fresh basil. Oh, and a tip: if fresh cherry tomatoes are too expensive or unavailable, in a situation like this, the tinned variety work just as well.[…]

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