Cooking Italian Recipes at Home

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Cooking Italian recipes is a challenge for most of us! Why? Because Italian cuisine is very complex and centuries-old, there isn’t an easy task to master food recipes known and practiced by millions!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an Italian chef? Ever thought about how to cook some of the most popular Italian dishes at home? If you think you know making pizza means Italian cooking, you’re wrong! Italian recipes mean much more than the humble pizza!

I know that pizza and pasta bolognese are some of the most famous Italian dishes among Americans, but Italian cuisine is extremely complex and has thousands of fantastic recipes that you should try!

Enjoy cooking Italian recipes from scratch! 👌
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In this culinary article, we’ll take a short look at Italian cooking, one of the most popular cooking styles in the world. The most frequently asked question when it comes to Italian cooking is “what is the most popular food in Italy?“, and the answer is obvious: pasta. Of course, Italy is not only known for pasta. Everyone knows about pizza, which from a humble regional dish has become a star of world gastronomy. Also, Italian tomato sauce flavored with basil and garlic is an iconic Italian recipe.

Other famous Italian dishes that have crossed the country’s borders are risotto, ragu, and lasagna. If you are a true fan of Italian cooking, you may have heard of ossobuco, polenta, and Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham). Let’s not forget desserts and, especially, the tasty Italian ice cream, gelato, which is unique and has millions of fans around the world.

But why would be cooking Italian food a challenge? Well, because all the mentioned foods have cooking secrets that just a true Italian chef can reveal. So, when you’re serious about Italian cooking, follow some of the famous Italian chefs or even take a culinary trip to Italy and visit small restaurants in the countryside, there is a place where you can really learn the secrets of cooking in Italian style.

One thing I need to mention in this article is that Italian food, in addition to being very tasty and flavorful, is also healthy. Yes, there is no mistake, most Italian recipes are cooked with healthy ingredients and this makes the country’s population long-lived. Below is some information about the health benefits of eating Italian food.

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An adaptable duo of Italian family recipes: a traditional lamb-mince bolognese and a dish of vegan ricotta and spinach pancake rolls known as crespelle Bolognese sauce, or ragù, features in some shape or form in most UK households, and is usually made with beef mince.

In Italy, however, it’s traditionally made with a mixture of pork and veal, though in the south lamb is much more popular, especially in spring. Crespelle, meanwhile, is a lighter alternative to cannelloni. All the various components can be used in other dishes – the tomato sauce with pasta, the bechamel in a gratin, the filling in a toasted sandwich, and the pancakes as a pud, say – but combined as they are here, they make a very satisfying vegetarian dish that the whole family can enjoy[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking Italian recipes from scratch!

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