French Crepes Recipe without Milk

➡️ Searching for the best French crepe recipes in 2022? On this page, you’ll find out how to make a French crepes recipe without milk in 15 steps at home. I suppose that most of you are more familiar with American pancakes, but the French ones are a delicacy worth tasting!

➡️ Those who do not know much about French crepes are invited to read more information below on the page. In short, they are of two kinds, namely sweet and savory. My basic crepes recipe will enable you to make sweet French crepes with simple ingredients and without eggs, butter, or milk.

➡️ The preparation of French crepes without milk is very simple and quick, somewhat similar to the preparation of American ones. Watch the video below and learn how to make a simple crepes recipe without milk or butter and enjoy tasty French pancakes!

The Magic Story of Making French Crepes at Home

Buy some all-purpose flour, turn the stove on, follow my recipe carefully, and the magic of making French crepes begins! Click To Tweet

➡️ ENJOY making my French crepes recipe without milk from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Video – How to Make Crepes without Milk from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need to make the French crepes recipe without milk?


1) 10 tbsp of all-purpose flour
2) 1 egg
3) lemon zest
4) 1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract
5) 2 tbsp for batter + 2 tbsp for frying of sunflower oil
6) 2 tbsp of yogurt
7) 400 ml / 13.5 fl oz of sparkling water
8) a pinch of salt
9) 200 ml / 6.75 fl oz of sparkling water

How to make a French crepes recipe without milk from scratch?

French Crepes Recipe without Milk

1) put the flour into a bowl
2) break the egg over the flour
3) grate zest from half a lemon
4) add vanilla extract
5) add 2 spoons of sunflower oil
6) add yogurt
7) pour some sparkling water while stirring
8) continue stirring energetically until you remove all flour lumps, 9) add a bit of salt
10) add again sparkling water and continue stirring
11) pour very little oil into a frying pan and wait until it’s very hot
12) pour a ladle of crepe batter into the pan and stretch it into a thin layer, then fry the crepe over a high temperature for about 15-20 seconds or until the bottom face is light golden
13) flip the crepe and fry for another 10 seconds or until it’s evenly golden on both sides
14) take the crepe out from the pan and continue with the remaining batter in the same way
15) serve the French pancakes with any filling you like

What are French crepes?

➡️ A crêpe, known also as a crepe, is a thin pancake. Crêpes are often divided into two categories: sweet crêpes (crêpes sucrées) and savory galettes (crêpes salées). Crêpes are served with a wide array of fillings, ranging from plain sugar to flambéed Suzette crêpes or sophisticated savory galettes. Crêpes are from Brittany, a region in northwest France. However, they are popular today in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, and many other countries of Europe, North Africa, North America, Lebanon, Brazil, and Argentina.

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What are the health benefits of eating crepes?

➡️ Crepes have fewer calories than other morning foods like pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon since they are thin and frequently composed of buckwheat flour. A crepe with a diameter of around 10 inches has just 90 calories or less, accounting for approximately 3.75 percent to 4.5 percent of the daily recommended consumption of 2,000-2400.

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PRO Tips For The French Crepes Recipe without Milk

➡️ Filled crepes are some of the most popular cake recipes throughout the world. It seems that pancakes, as they are named in English-speaking countries, originate from France. Actually, they are so renowned that almost every restaurant includes them in the dessert list!

➡️ My French crepes recipe without milk is very easy to make and needs just a few ingredients. As a result, it is a simple dessert recipe that anyone can make quickly.

➡️ French crepes can be served in many ways. For example, you could fill the crepes with jam or chocolate cream and simply roll them up or you might stuff them with sweet ricotta cheese, bake in the oven, and serve this delicious dessert with vanilla custard on top.

Drinking Wine at Home

Drinking wine at home!

What goes better with a delicious meal than quality wine? Nothing, both from my point of view and from the ancient Greeks, who said about wine that it’s the nectar of the gods! Can we contradict them?

➡️ Enjoy making French crepes without milk from scratch!

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