Vegetable Beef Soup with Dumplings

➡️ Are you searching for easy Hungarian vegetable beef soup recipes in 2023? On this website, you’ll discover how to make beef soup with dumplings in 12 steps at home.

➡️ My easy beef soup recipe helps you cook soup with beef, dumplings, and boiled vegetables in Hungarian style.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make beef soup with dumplings and boiled vegetables using a yummy and easy vegetable beef soup recipe from Hungary!

➡️ ENJOY cooking beef soup with dumplings from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Video – How to Cook Beef Soup with Dumplings from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need to cook beef soup with dumplings?

Beef Neck

1) 2-3 kg/70-100 oz of beef (beef neck or another beef cut on the bone)
2) 2-3 kg/70-100 oz of a vegetable mix (carrot root, parsley root, parsnip root, celery root)
3) salt and black peppercorn
4) 2 eggs
5) 2 tbsp of sunflower oil
6) 8 tbsp of semolina
7) fresh parsley leaves (optional)

How to make beef soup with dumplings from scratch?

Vegetable Beef Soup with Dumplings

1) slice and place beef in a large pot (at least 10 l/340 fl oz volume)
2) peel off and place root vegetables in the pot, cut them into two or four sticks if the vegetables are too large
3) fill the pot up with water, add some salt and peppercorn to taste, then place the pot on the stovetop at a very low temperature and boil the soup until both the meat and vegetables are very tender
4) remove gently the foam forming on the soup surface with a spoon several times to get a clear soup
5) take the beef and vegetables out from the soup, then sieve the broth to get a very clear soup base
6) prepare dough for dumplings – first, break eggs into a bowl, then beat them up with a fork until smooth and season with some salt to taste
7) add sunflower oil and semolina, then combine ingredients by hand until you get a very smooth dough
8) warm the beef broth until hot, then reduce the temperature
9) place in the broth dough pieces of the size of about half a tablespoon
10) wait to rise semolina dumplings to the soup surface, this is the sign they are soft and ready for serving
11) place a few ladles of soup and several dumplings on a deep plate, then add some boiled beef and vegetables to taste
12) sprinkle over the soup some freshly chopped parsley leaves (recommended) and grind some black pepper if you like the spicy taste

What is Hungarian beef soup?

➡️ Hungarian beef soup is a hearty beef soup with a complex and flavorful broth, served with semolina dumplings or noodles. It’s a popular soup in Central and Eastern Europe and even around the world, with many different variations. Even if the soup has its origins in the regions of Hungary, today it’s popular throughout the planet and especially in North America in regions from Canada and the United States, where live many descendants of Hungarian immigrants.

➡️ Attention! Don’t confuse beef vegetable soup with dumplings with beef goulash soup! There are two TOTALLY different soups!

➡️ The first involves boiling the beef in the water together with the vegetables, a process that leads to a filling broth in which then the noodles or semolina dumplings are boiled before serving.

➡️ The second is the basic recipe from which the beef goulash appeared and is a thick spicy tomato and paprika broth to which small flour dumplings are added, previously boiled in water. Often, when serving, many put sour cream and paprika on top! In Hungary, this dish is known as gulyás and it is one of the most popular comfort foods. The name “goulash” comes from the Hungarian word for “cut”, as the meat for gulyás is cut into smaller pieces so that it can become part of the sauce.

What is Hungarian cuisine?

➡️ Hungarian cuisine, often known as Magyar Konyha, is the cookery of Hungary and its principal ethnic group, the Magyars who live both in the country and abroad. Hungarian cuisine is generally composed of meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, bread, and dairy derivatives.

📖 Read more about Hungarian cuisine here.

PRO Tips For The Homemade Beef Dumpling Soup Recipe

➡️ Vegetable beef soup with semolina dumplings is, probably, the most popular beef soup recipe and one of the most-used beef recipes in Hungary. Therefore, the beef soup recipe is often prepared by many families, especially during fall and winter, when the low temperatures require more calories and hot food in order to warm up both the body and soul…

➡️ The classic Hungarian meat soup recipe features especially beef or hen, usually together with the bones. However, nowadays are available many popular versions that use chicken or even veal. Some more exotic soup recipes include wild duck, pheasant, or pigeon.

➡️ As already mentioned, there are different soup recipes including beef. The recipe shared on this page is very close to the authentic Hungarian beef soup that is cooked in many parts of this country.

➡️ Preparing this vegetable beef soup recipe takes some time, but the food is very tasty and hearty, so it’s well worth the effort to make it.

➡️ The best-kept secret to making the perfect Hungarian beef soup with dumplings is cooking time. However, this depends on the meat type and can take up to 2-3 hours. Beef is one of the meat types that needs a longer cooking time compared to chicken.

➡️ Beef broth is simply delicious, while boiled beef is very tender and nourishing. Plus, boiled root vegetables enrich the soup and offer more flavor to your taste buds!

➡️ Hungarian beef soup with dumplings is extremely hearty. As a result, there is not mandatory to be accompanied by another dish.

➡️ Enjoy cooking beef soup recipes from scratch!

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