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Did you ever cook a Chile Verde recipe or, at least, did you ever hear of this Mexican food? Possibly not, but you should start to learn to cook Chile Verde right now because it’s both very tasty and healthy even if it features pork.

There are several types of Chile Verde. Most Chile Verde recipes contain pork but some are cooked with chicken and even beef. What remains unchanged is the rich and spicy hot green pepper sauce that makes the food simply delicious and even healthy!

Chiles Verdes (green chili peppers) are available fresh and dried, and they come in a variety of types, some mild and some quite spicy. The fresh variety is used most often in Mexican cooking, but it’s also used in Chile Verde recipes all over the United States. The two most common types of fresh Chiles Verdes are pasilla and jalapeno. Both are available dried, and either can be used in place of the fresh variety in any Chile Verde recipe.

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In Mexico, green chile is used in everything from sauces and stews to dips and salsas. Today, one of the famous Mexican dishes is Chile Verde, which is a pork stew in a rich, creamy green chile sauce. As with almost any Mexican food, all Chile Verde recipes are spicy, no matter whether they feature pork, beef, or chicken.

Chile Verde is absolutely delicious but it’s also REALLY spicy. But actually, this is a good thing! Did you know that spicy food has significant health benefits for your body? Below is some information about the health benefits of cooking Chile Verde.

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“Chile Verde is a traditional dish from Northern Mexico that can be made with several types of meat. Pork is classic, and here, you’ll transform a pork shoulder into meltingly tender nuggets through a long braise. This recipe makes a big batch, perfect for serving at a dinner party or a Cinco de Mayo celebration . No matter the occasion, Chile Verde pairs well with margaritas and Mexican rice .

Though a Chile Verde does refer to a specific type of chile, here, the name refers to the traditional stew. To make the sauce, you’ll use three types of peppers—poblanos, cubanelles, and serranos—as well as tomatillos, a type of vegetable that looks like a green tomato. Like tomatoes, tomatillos are part of the nightshade family, but they’re in fact more closely related to ground cherries (aka gooseberries). Beloved for their tangy, acidic flavor, tomatillos lend their pretty green hue to the sauce. Though the color is muted, Chile Verde should look recognizably green, not brown.

If you’re cooking Chile Verde for family dinner, the leftovers freeze well. Let cool completely, then divide into freezer-safe serving containers and defrost for easy dinners. Serve spooned over brown rice or tucked into tortillas. You could also use Chile Verde as a nacho topping (shred the pork first) or poach eggs directly in leftover sauce.

Mexican oregano is more similar to marjoram than it is to the dried oregano found in grocery stores. If you can’t find Mexican oregano, substitute dried marjoram.[…]”

➡️ Enjoy cooking Chile Verde recipes from scratch!

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