Pizza Dough Recipe without Yeast
Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe without Yeast

Easy homemade pizza dough recipes – how to make pizza dough without yeast. Easy homemade pizza base recipe to make a crust for pizza with simple ingredients and get a thin pizza base in the Italian style.

Learn in this video how to make homemade pizza dough without yeast from scratch with the best Italian pizza base recipe!

SUPER YUMMY homemade pizza crust recipe by!


Easy homemade pizza dough without yeast – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make easy homemade pizza dough without yeast? ❓

1) 700 g / 35 oz of all-purpose flour (to make dough for 2 large pizzas of about 35 cm / 14 inches diameter)
2) 2 tsp of salt
3) 20 g / 0.7 oz of baking powder
4) 2 tbsp of olive oil
5) 250 ml / 8.5 fl oz of cold water

How to make pizza crust without yeast from scratch? ❓

1) put the flour into a bowl, add salt and baking powder, then combine ingredients
2) add oil and water into the bowl, then mix again
3) knead the dough on a floured surface by hand about 3-4 minutes
4) divide pizza dough into two equal parts
5) stretch one of the halves into a sheet of the mold size
5) put pizza base into the floured baking mold
7) place pizza toppings over pizza base as desired, then bake the pizza in the preheated oven at 200 C / 390 F until the pizza crust is golden brown
8) continue in the same way with the remaining pizza crust

Tips about making easy homemade pizza dough without yeast 🔎

Pizza is today one of the most popular food recipes not just in Italy, but throughout the world.

Making pizza is pretty easy. Basically, there are two pizza base types. One is leavened with yeast, the other one is prepared without yeast.

Both pizza base recipes are very simple. You don’t need any advanced cooking skills to make homemade pizza dough. So, start making pizza at home! You’ll be amazed how easy is the entire process and you’ll see the huge quality difference between homemade pizza and commercial pizza!

This thin pizza base is very easy to use, there are necessary few ingredients and the preparing time is very short as this is not leavened pizza dough.

You can prepare any popular pizza recipe with this pizza base or you can put any toppings over it on your choice.

However, be aware that the baking time is short since the pizza crust is tiny.

Any drink match this pizza base recipe, but a cold beer is, probably, the best choice when eating pizza, homemade or not.

Enjoy the pizza dough without yeast!

Can I use immediately the pizza crust without yeast?

Yes, pizza base without yeast doesn’t require leavening, so you can use it immediately after you make it.

More information about various pizza crust types is available here.

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