Healthy Mexican Chicken Casserole

I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and this easy Mexican chicken casserole is one of my favorite ways to eat it on a weeknight dinner. The best part is that it’s ready quickly, so it’s perfect for when you’re craving Mexican food but don’t have the money for delivery or you simply want cooking at home.

When you cook Mexican chicken casserole you can expect something delicious, but also a very nourishing meal. This easy casserole is ready in just minutes, and is loaded with beans, corn, and cheese for a hearty and comforting meal your family is sure to love!

Chicken casserole is an American classic favorite dinner recipes. It’s a super easy one pot meal that’s perfect for busy weeknights. The best part is that it’s customizable so you can make it your own by adding or substituting whatever ingredients and seasonings you have on hand or whatever you can find at the store! Just try the Mexican version for a true spicy version!

Enjoy cooking the healthy Mexican chicken casserole recipe from scratch! 👌
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👌 How to cook Mexican chicken breast casserole from scratch? 📺

When it comes to easy weeknight dinners, this easy Mexican chicken casserole recipe is a total winner! It’s loaded with chicken and consistent ingredients, and comes together in just minutes. All you have to do is fry the chicken breast, mix the ingredients together, and pop it in the oven. It’s the perfect family meal when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but still cook a tasty and filling dinner!

Below are listed the needed ingredients and the cooking methods.

Enjoy cooking the easy Mexican chicken casserole recipe from scratch!

➡️ What ingredients do you need to cook healthy Mexican chicken casserole? ❓ (recipe for 8 servings)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet

1) 500 g/17 oz of skinless boneless chicken breast, small cubed
2) 800 g/28 oz of canned black beans or red beans (you can use white beans as well), rinsed and drained
3) 200 g/7 oz of canned sweet corn, rinsed and drained
4) 400 g/14 oz of canned peeled chopped tomatoes
5) 200 g/7 oz of seeded, finely chopped red bell peppers
6) 1-2 hot chili peppers (depending on their hotness), seeded and finely chopped
7) 200 g/7 oz of yellow onions, peeled and finely chopped
8) 200 g/7 oz of grated cheese
9) 4 tbsp of vegetable oil with a neutral taste
10) some salt and ground black pepper to taste

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➡️ How to cook healthy Mexican chicken casserole from scratch? ❓

Mexican Chicken Casserole

➡️ Eager to know how to cook a chicken casserole? The recipe is very tasty and easy to cook, so I wholeheartedly recommend it!
Below are listed the steps required to cook the healthy Mexican chicken casserole recipe.

Total Time: 1 hour

1) Fry the chicken breast

Pour the oil into a frying pan, wait for it to heat to a medium-high temperature, then add the cubed chicken breast and fry it until it turns white while stirring the pieces from time to time (about 10 minutes.)

2) Add the onions and peppers

Add the chopped peppers and onions to the pan, season with some salt and ground pepper, and fry until slightly soft (about 5 minutes.)

3) Combine the ingredients

Put the ingredients from the pan in a heat-proof dish, add the beans, corn and tomatoes, then mix and level all ingredients.

4) Add the cheese layer

Sprinkle the cheese over the ingredients in the casserole into an evenly layer.

5) Bake the Mexican chicken casserole

Put the casserole in the preheated oven at 200°C/392°F and bake the food until the top layer of cheese melts and turns lightly golden (about 20-30 minutes), then turn the heat off and wait 30 minutes before serving.

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➡️ What is a casserole? ❓

Did You Know That?

“A casserole is a variety of a large, deep pan or bowl used for cooking a variety of dishes in the oven; it is also a category of foods cooked in such a vessel. To distinguish the two uses, the pan can be called a “casserole dish” or “casserole pan”, whereas the food is simply “a casserole”.
American-style casserole
In the United States, a casserole or hot dish is typically a baked food with three main components: pieces of meat (such as chicken or ground meat) or fish (such as tuna) or other protein (such as beans or tofu), various chopped or canned vegetables (such as green beans or peas), and a starchy binder (such as flour, potato or pasta); sometimes, there is also a crunchy or cheesy topping.[4][5] Liquids are released from the meat and vegetables during cooking, and further liquid in the form of stock, wine, beer, gin, cider, vegetable juice, or even water may be added when the dish is assembled. Casseroles are usually cooked slowly in the oven, often uncovered. They may be served as a main course or side dish, and, conveniently, may be served in the vessel in which they were cooked.
Other cuisines
Many baked dishes served in the baking dish can be classed as casseroles. Examples include: Lancashire hotpot (English), cassoulet (French), moussaka (Greek), timballo (Italian).
In English-speaking Commonwealth countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, the term casserole is most commonly used to refer to a dish of meat or chicken with vegetables and a gravy-style sauce; dishes containing a large proportion of starchy ingredients, e.g. pasta or potatoes, or those cooked in creamy sauces are not generally referred to as casseroles, and might be called ‘bakes’ or ‘gratins’. In the UK, the terms casserole and stew tend to be used interchangeably, although technically stews are cooked on a stovetop while casseroles are cooked in an oven.[6]
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➡️ What are the health benefits of eating chicken? ⚕️

Healthy Diet -Did You Know the Health Benefits?

“Chicken has well-documented health benefits, but different parts and preparation methods factor into how healthy your chicken-based meal turns out. Darker cuts like the thigh and drumstick contain higher caloric content than lighter cuts like the breast. Keeping the skin or frying chicken will also add saturated fat.
If you’re switching out red meat for chicken, you’ll want to stick with chicken breast, as it’s the healthiest cut of the bird.
Health Benefits
Chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meats. A great source of protein, the meat has been linked to a variety of health benefits:
Stronger Bones and Muscles
The lean protein in chicken is an excellent source of amino acids. Our bodies use amino acids to build muscle tissue, something that is particularly important as we age. Studies have also shown that higher protein intake helps to maintain bone mineral density. Eating chicken can help to build stronger muscles and promote healthier bones, decreasing the risk of injuries and diseases such as osteoporosis.
Weight Management and Heart Health
Research suggests that 25-30 grams of protein per meal can help us feel more full. Protein rich meals can make us feel fuller despite us eating less, which helps to promote better weight management. Healthier weight leads to improvements in risk factors for heart problems such as high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure. A food rich in protein, chicken can help with weight management and reduce the risk of heart disease.”
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Enjoy cooking the healthy Mexican chicken casserole recipe from scratch!

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