Easy Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Ham and Cheese

➡️ Are you searching for an easy scrambled eggs recipe in 2023? On this webpage, you’ll find out how to make a ham and cheese breakfast scramble in 8 steps at home!

➡️ My easy scrambled eggs recipe without milk helps you prepare eggs with ham and cheese and enjoy a simple and tasty breakfast or warm appetizer.

➡️ Learn below how to make basic scrambled eggs with ham using a yummy and easy cheese, ham, and egg recipe for breakfast or as a warm appetizer!

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How to Make Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make easy scrambled eggs with ham and cheese?

Raw Eggs

1) 3 eggs
2) 200 g/7 oz of pressed ham, rustic ham, Prague ham, or another ham type to taste
3) 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil
4) 25 g/0.9 oz of grated cheese to taste (Cheddar, Swiss cheese, Parmesan)

How to make easy scrambled eggs with ham and cheese from scratch?

Easy Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Ham and Cheese

1) cube ham into small pieces
2) break eggs into a bowl
3) place ham into a frying skillet, pour some oil, and fry it over high temperature
4) when the ham is slightly roasted, add eggs to the skillet just like in the video and wait about 20 seconds to start to harden the egg whites
5) mix gently ingredients to get a coarse egg texture (optional but recommended)
6) take scrambled eggs out from the skillet and place them on a plate, drain well oil if necessary
7) sprinkle over ham and eggs some grated cheese while the food is still very hot
8) wait 1-2 minutes to melt the cheese before serving

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Final Notes for the Easy Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Ham and Cheese

➡️ The cheese and ham scrambled eggs recipe is one of the most popular breakfast recipes. However, this dish can be served also as a warm appetizer.

➡️ I recommend serving scrambled eggs with some fresh vegetables like green cucumber, tomato, or red radish for more flavor and vitamins.

➡️ This easy scrambled eggs recipe with ham and cheese is very consistent, so usually, you don’t need to serve other appetizers along with it.

➡️ Enjoy cooking easy scrambled eggs from scratch! For additional info, read more on scrambled eggs!

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