The weather is getting colder as the day goes by, the fog is often present and the first snowflakes begin to fall. It’s already winter!

Some of us like winter, others don’t. It’s perfectly natural to be that way because we are different. But even if winter can displease some, Christmas day is the magic time of the year we all look forward to and that fills us with all the warmth, light and nostalgia of childhood!

Christmas Food Recipes – Turkey Roast

Culinary Magic Christmas
Turkey Roast for Christmas Table!

Christmas means the majestic green fir that fascinates us with its bright lights, it means rich gifts for happy children (but also for the big ones!), it means the renewal of old friendships and the moments of peace spent with the family.

But that’s not all! This celebration also means rich meals and countless types of homemade cakes, one more appetizing than the other! Hey! Who doesn’t remember the quiet days of childhood when your grandmother or mom served you with a slice of fresh loaf cake that made you forget about the cold outside?

Christmas is definitely sweet bread. Whether we are talking about simple sweetbread, walnut sweet bread, poppy seed sweet bread, chocolate loaf cake, Hungarian beigli (did you ever taste walnut beigli or poppy seed beigli?), German stollen with dried fruit, loaf cake stuffed with vanilla cream or another type of such wonder, the sweetbread is omnipresent and enchants our taste buds with its flavor!

Yes, I know, you will say that the turkey is also part of the Christmas party! That’s right, who could imagine a Christmas table without roast turkey? Maybe only those who don’t like this majestic and tasty bird … Well, if you don’t like turkey, there are many other goodies that can replace it successfully!

How about a roast duck on cabbage? Too much like the renegade turkey? Well, then we go to the safe and prepare a delicious pork roast. I don’t think there are too many who would refuse a piece of fresh juicy meat of the recently sacrificed piglet! There are so many roast pork recipes that I won’t go into details, I’m sure each one of you has a favorite recipe.

Of course, let’s not forget the attractive appetizers on the Christmas table. Deviled eggs, tomatoes stuffed with eggplant salad, peppers stuffed with cream cheese, ham rolls and many, many other goodies will pay attention to your figure. And you, just like me, will surrender and taste each one because, apparently, once is Christmas!

As with the dessert … none of us will resist a chocolate cake, walnut cake or other irresistible homemade cake and will gladly surrender to the gastronomic pleasures that surround us!

In addition to the goodies on the table, the Christmas Eve dinner or the festive Christmas lunch delight us with the wonderful arrangements and cheerful commensal with which we share delicious dishes. There are moments of peace and joy that you have to enjoy with all your heart because they will not return for a year!

So, since the magic moment is fast approaching, prepare your soul and body for the days of pleasant work that will follow. Buy gifts for your loved ones, both small and big, and prepare your silhouette for the holidays where you will taste all the goodies, even if you know that your weight will suffer …

What roast is served traditionally at the Christmas table besides turkey? ❓

In addition to the turkey, in some countries at the Christmas is served duck, goose or beef roast.

Merry Christmas to all those who follow and success to the preparation of the meals and cakes with which you will load the Christmas table!

By the way, which dishes do you like the most? Write your opinion on our Facebook page about how you will prepare the home for the holidays and what kind of food and cake you will prepare!

You can read more about Christmas origins here.

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