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Make Family Pizza Every Week!

Some of the best pizza recipes you have ever made!

➡️ So, you want to have a family pizza with your kids and you want it to be as tasty as possible. In other words, you want your kids to enjoy it, but you also want to be a good parent and feed them healthy foods. How to solve this dilemma?

➡️ I don’t think it’s a contradiction between eating pizza and eating healthy. After all, what makes pizza an unhealthy food for many? Sauces! Most are too lazy to make a homemade sauce and use all sorts of commercial sauce types full of fat, sugar, and chemicals, and these are, indeed, unhealthy.

➡️ I never buy ready-made pizza sauce, but I always make homemade sauce. It goes as fast as you can imagine! So, when you are planning a family pizza for dinner, prepare the tomato sauce in advance from the tomato paste or tomato broth and use it when preparing the pizza – it will be even more delicious!

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Making Family Pizza Is A Breeze!

➡️ Family pizza nights are great alternatives to simple weeknight dinners. Maybe you don’t have time to cook something more complicated or maybe the kids are craving pizza for a while…Here’s your chance to make something quick, tasty, and, why not, healthy.

➡️ What’s the best pizza recipe for a family pizza dinner? There is no good or wrong answer! Guide yourself according to your family and children’s preferences in choosing the ingredients and you will not fail! But, whatever they are, choose from the healthiest: fat-free ham, quality cheese, fresh mushrooms, lots of veggies, and, as I recommended above, homemade sauce.

➡️ In my family, we eat pizza at least twice a month, usually on Friday or Saturday, that we call “family pizza night”. Pizza night is the best time of gathering and sharing thoughts, conversation, as well as life experiences. The pizza night is something all of us enjoy! Sometimes, we extend it to have the opportunity to socialize with friends and extended family.

➡️ Family pizza nights enable you to enjoy precious moments with your kids and beloved ones!

With a variety of crusts, toppings and homemade sauce, give your favorite food a crust-to-cheese makeover. The skillet pizza is similar to a Chicago deep-dish pizza, but lighter and airier. People have strong feelings about pizza, and everyone has their favorite slice. Let me just say right off the bat, I’m not here to change your mind. My goal is simply to offer some delicious options for homemade pizza and a few tips on how to get the best results.[…]

Making homemade pizza — especially pizza crust — isn’t difficult. The ingredients are usually simple and the technique is, too. But it’s important to pay attention to the details.[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking family pizza from scratch!

My Family Pizza Recipes

➡️ I’ve listed below some of the homemade pizza recipes I make usually for family pizza dinners including Bolognese pizza, Sicilian pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and so on.

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