French Mushroom Pie

➡️ Looking for easy fresh mushroom recipes in 2022? On this webpage, you’ll find out how to make French mushroom pie in 27 steps at home.

➡️ Using my easy mushroom pie recipe enables you to improve your skills for cooking mushrooms with simple and tasty ingredients such as leeks and more.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make French mushroom pie using a tasty and easy mushroom recipe from scratch!

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Video – How to Make French Mushroom Pie at Home

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What ingredients do you need for the French mushroom pie recipe?

Fresh Mushrooms

1) 1 kg of fresh mushrooms (Champignon, Portobello, or another similar type)
2) 500 g/17 oz of leek
3) 4 tbsp + 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of sunflower oil
4) 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of carbonated water
5) 500 g/17 oz (+ – 50 g/2 oz) of all-purpose flour
6) a pinch of salt
7) 1/2 tsp of nutmeg powder
8) 1 tsp of spices of Provence
9) some ground black pepper to taste
10) 2 eggs

How to make a French mushroom pie recipe from scratch?

French Mushroom Pie

Step 1: chop the mushrooms finely
Step 2: chop the leek
Step 3: pour 2 tbsp of oil into the pan and wait to heat up
Step 4: put the mushrooms in the pan
Step 5: fry the mushrooms and put them aside (5-10 min)
Step 6: pour 2 tbsp of oil into the pan and put the leek
Step 7: fry the leek and put it over the mushrooms (5-10 min)
Step 8: pour the water into the bowl and add 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of oil
Step 9: put a pinch of salt
Step 10: gradually add flour as much as it comprises while mixing
Step 11: mix until you get a smooth dough
Step 12: cover the dough with foil and put it in the fridge for 15 min
Step 13: add nutmeg and Provence spices over leeks
Step 14: add ground black pepper to taste and an egg
Step 15: mix the ingredients in the bowl
Step 16: put the dough on a floured surface
Step 17: cut the dough into two equal parts and spread one into a thin sheet
Step 18: put the dough sheet into the baking mold
Step 19: do press the dough sheet to the bottom and edge
Step 20: put the pie filling into the mold
Step 21: spread the second dough sheet
Step 22: put the dough sheet over the filling
Step 23: join the two dough sheets by pressing
Step 24: cut the excess dough from the edge
Step 25: brush the pie with a beaten egg
Step 26: bake the pie in the preheated oven at 180C/360F for about 30-40 min or until golden on top
Step 27: take out the mushroom pie from the oven and wait for it to cool for about 15 min

Tips For The French Mushroom Pie Recipe

➡️ French cuisine is known worldwide for its refinement but also for the richness of recipes offered for each dish type. Among the most popular French recipes are those for savory pies. Those of you who do not know exactly what a savory pie means are invited to read more information above.

➡️ There are many kinds of savory pie and many of them contain meat or a combination of meat and vegetables. On this page, I share a recipe for a meatless savory pie, respectively a mushroom pie.

➡️ The recipe is a bit unusual for French gastronomy given that the French love to eat meat. I assume that there were recipes without meat for the fasting period or some people did not have meat at hand at some point or they wanted to use up the mushrooms that are abundant in the French countryside.

➡️ This French mushroom pie recipe is very easy to prepare and requires only a few basic ingredients. I usually make it with Champignon mushrooms, which are similar to Portobello mushrooms, because they are found in abundance at almost any supermarket at a convenient price, but you can use almost any other species of fresh edible mushrooms.

➡️ Despite its simplicity and humble ingredients, the French mushroom pie recipe is very delicious. As a result, I often prepare it for my family and when I have guests I prepare it in double quantity because it disappears quickly from the plates!

➡️ Enjoy making French mushroom pie from scratch!

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