Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe with Custard Filling

➡️ Searching for fresh strawberry cake recipes in 2023? On this page, you’ll find out how to make a strawberry custard cake in 34 steps at home. Strawberries are one of the most consumed fruits worldwide and this is not at all surprising given that they are very aromatic and juicy fruits. Therefore, strawberry cake recipes are numerous and highly sought after.

➡️ Of course, strawberry cakes are very different and include all kinds of ingredients. However, a type of strawberry cake seems to be very fashionable in 2023, namely strawberry custard cake. My easy homemade cake recipe enables you to prepare a dessert with simple and tasty ingredients such as fresh strawberries, ladyfingers, and a custard filling based on vanilla pudding.

➡️ Making strawberry cakes like the one I share on this page requires more work, but the effort and the longer time spent in the kitchen are totally worth it because the dessert is simply fabulous! Watch the cake-baking video below and learn how to make a fresh strawberry cake using a tasty and easy homemade cake recipe from scratch!

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How to Make a Fresh Strawberry Cake with Custard Filling from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make a strawberry cake with vanilla custard filling?

Fresh Strawberries

1) 120 g/4.25 oz of vanilla pudding (3 sachets)
2) 200 g/7 oz of granulated sugar for custard
3) 100 g/3.5 oz of granulated sugar for syrup
4) 1 l/35 fl oz of cow milk
5) 1 tsp of vanilla essence or vanilla extract for vanilla custard
6) 1 tbsp of vanilla essence or vanilla extract for syrup
7) 200 g/7 oz of butter at room temperature
8) 100 g/3.5 oz of caster sugar
9) 300 ml/10 fl oz of cold water
10) 400 g/14 oz of ladyfingers
11) 1 kg/35 oz of fresh strawberries
12) 500 ml/17 fl oz of whipped cream
13) 10 g/0.35 oz of cake gelatin (optional)
14) fresh peppermint leaves for garnishing (optional)

How to make a fresh strawberry cake with vanilla custard from scratch?

Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe with Custard Filling

1) open the sachets and place vanilla pudding into a saucepan
2) add 200 g/7 oz of sugar to the pan
3) pour some cow milk into the pan and mix the ingredients to dissolve the sugar, then pour the rest of the milk and stir the ingredients again
4) place the saucepan on the stovetop over medium temperature
5) add 1 tsp of vanilla essence, mix and boil ingredients according to instructions from the pudding package while stirring continuously until the pudding is thick
6) cover pudding with food foil and wait to cool to room temperature
7) meanwhile, place soft butter into a bowl
8) add caster sugar over butter gradually while combining ingredients by rubbing them with a wooden spoon or silicon tool
9) remove foil from vanilla pudding and stir it into a mixer for a couple of minutes until has a creamy consistency
10) add gradually sweetened butter to the pudding while combining ingredients in a mixer
11) vanilla custard filling for the strawberry cake is ready when the ingredients are smooth and the custard is very creamy
12) place water into a bowl and pour a spoon of vanilla essence
13) add 100 g / 3.5 oz of sugar into the bowl and mix ingredients until sugar is dissolved completely
14) soak about 1/3 of the ladyfingers into the previously prepared syrup and place them in a layer into a baking mold with a removable edge, break ladyfingers if necessary to match available spaces
15) place about 1/3 of the custard into the mold
16) level the custard layer and press gently to enter the custard between ladyfingers
17) wash strawberries and wait to drain the water well
18) remove leaves from strawberries if necessary, then cut them into thin slices
19) place a layer of strawberry slices into the mold
20) make another layer of soaked ladyfingers into the mold
21) make another layer of custard filling
22) make another layer of sliced strawberries
23) use the rest of the ladyfingers and make a new cake layer
24) place the rest of the filling over the ladyfingers and level it well
25) place the cake into the fridge for about 1 hour to harden the filling
26) meanwhile, prepare whipped cream
27) take the cake out from the fridge, place it on a platter, open the mold edge, detach the cake by using a short thin-blade knife, then remove the edge carefully to avoid breaking the cake side
28) coat the cake edge with whipped cream
29) make a whipped cream stripe along the cake’s top edge to hide imperfections
30) cover completely the cake top with a strawberry layer
31) place peppermint leaves at the cake base for a spectacular look (optional)
32) prepare cake gelatin and brush the strawberry layer on top if you serve the cake later
33) place the fresh strawberry cake with vanilla custard filling into the fridge for several hours to harden the filling (at least 3 hours or overnight)
34) take the fresh fruit cake out from the fridge and slice it up as desired

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Final Notes for the Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe with Custard Filling

➡️ A significant part of the homemade cake recipes that I make during spring and summer is represented by fresh fruit cakes.

➡️ Strawberry is, of course, one of the fresh fruits that I use frequently in springtime and early summer. I have many fresh strawberry cake recipes, so often I have problems deciding which one to use. However, one I use more frequently is the fresh strawberry cake recipe with vanilla custard filling.

➡️ There are not many tips to share regarding this fresh strawberry cake recipe because it’s very easy, requires just a few ingredients, and doesn’t pose any difficulty even to less experienced people in making home cakes.

➡️ Enjoy making a fresh strawberry cake from scratch! For additional info, read more on strawberry cake!

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