Homemade Cremeschnitte Recipe for Fresh Strawberry Cake

➡️ Searching for fresh strawberry cake recipes in 2022? On this page, you’ll find out how to make a strawberry cremeschnitte with French vanilla custard in 22 steps at home.

➡️ Using my homemade cake recipe enables you to prepare cremeschnitte with simple and tasty ingredients like vanilla custard and fresh strawberries.

➡️ Watch the cake baking video below and learn how to make a fresh strawberry cake from scratch using a homemade cremeschnitte recipe with French vanilla custard and fresh strawberries!

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Video – How to Make Fresh Strawberry Cake

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What ingredients do you need to make a fresh strawberry cake?

Fresh Strawberries

1) 500 g/18 oz of fresh strawberries
2) 300 g/10 oz + 150 g/5.5 oz of granulated sugar
3) 120 g/4.5 oz of vanilla pudding powder
4) 1 l/34 fl oz of cow milk
5) 300 ml/10 fl oz of sweet whipped cream
6) 150 g/5.5 oz of butter at room temperature, cubed
7) 350 g/12 oz of creamy cow cheese/cottage cheese/mascarpone
8) 10 g/0.35 oz of gelatin
9) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of cold water
10) 600 g/21 oz of cremeschnitte pastry (3 sheets of 40×20 cm/15×7.5 inches)
11) caster sugar for garnishing
12) some fresh strawberries for serving (optional)

How to make a fresh strawberry cake from scratch?

Homemade Cremeschnitte Recipe for Fresh Strawberry Cake

1) chop strawberries, then place them into a pot
2) add 300 g/10 oz of sugar over strawberries and combine the ingredients, then boil them over a low temperature until you get a jam-like sauce
3) wait to cool the strawberry sauce to room temperature
4) place pudding powder into a pot, add 150 g/5.5 oz of sugar and milk, mix the ingredients, then boil them as instructed on the package
5) cover the vanilla pudding with foil and wait to cool to room temperature when it’s creamy and thick
6) whip sweet cream as instructed on the package
7) after the pudding is cold, stir it with the mixer until you get a creamy consistency again
8) add butter to the pudding and combine them until you get a smooth vanilla custard
9) stir the cheese in the mixer until it has a very creamy consistency
10) add gradually, in small quantities, boiled strawberries while mixing ingredients
11) add whipped cream, then combine ingredients gently by hand
12) dissolve gelatin in water as instructed on the package, then add it to the strawberry cream and combine by hand
13) place a foil layer over the platter, then lay over it a pastry sheet
14) spread vanilla custard filling over the pastry sheet into an even layer
15) place over the custard the second pastry sheet and press gently to fix it
16) spread strawberry cream into an even layer
17) break the third pastry sheet into very small pieces by hand or kitchen robot, then place them on the cake top evenly
18) tighten the foil over the cake to avoid flowing cream on the sides
19) place strawberry slice cake into the fridge for at least 6 hours to harden both vanilla custard and strawberry cream fillings
20) remove the foil and sprinkle over the cake caster sugar in abundance
21) cut the edges by using a very sharp knife to be straight (optional), then slice the cake up as desired
22) serve the cremeschnitte cake along with fresh strawberries (optional)

Tips For The Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe Cremeschnitte

➡️ Vanilla slice or cremeschnitte is one of the most popular cake recipes in Central and Eastern Europe. This fresh strawberry cake recipe is based on a classic homemade cremeschnitte recipe, known by some people as French vanilla slice or mille-feuille. The traditional version is made without strawberries and contains only vanilla custard filling.

➡️ The strawberry cremeschnitte is extremely tasty and, even if the preparation time is pretty long, the result is simply amazing and the strawberry cake is a true delight both for your taste buds and eyes! So, don’t hesitate and make this homemade strawberry cake as soon as possible!

➡️ As for the cremeschnitte pastry needed for the fresh strawberry cake recipe, you can make it at home, but today almost everyone buys it from the bakery because of the very long preparation time. In addition, there is no palpable quality difference between the homemade and bought pastry sheets.

➡️ This strawberry cake recipe can be served either plain or along with fresh strawberries. Whatever the chosen way, the strawberry cremeschnitte is simply mesmerizing!

➡️ Enjoy making a fresh strawberry cake from scratch!

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