Fried Chicken Liver and Onions
Fried Chicken Livers and Onions

Fried chicken liver recipes – how to make fried chicken liver and onions. Easy food recipe to cook pan-fried chicken livers with onions and more simple ingredients.

Learn in this video how to make fried chicken livers with onions from scratch by using a yummy and easy chicken liver recipe in the pan!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by! ENJOY! 👌

Fried chicken liver and onions – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make fried chicken livers and onions? ❓

1) 100 g / 3.5 oz of onions (you can use spring onion or leek instead)
2) 50 ml / 3.5 fl oz of sunflower oil or olive oil
3) salt and ground pepper to taste
4) 500 g / 17.5 oz of chicken livers
5) a bundle of chopped parsley to taste (optional)

How to make fried chicken livers and onions from scratch? ❓

1) peel the onions off, then chop them finely
2) place the oil in a skillet, then put it to the stovetop over a medium temperature
3) when the oil is hot, add the chopped onions, season it with some salt to taste, mix ingredients, and wait to fry
4) meanwhile, wash the chicken livers, drain the water very well, and cut it into smaller pieces if necessary
5) when the onion is glassy, add the chicken liver to the skillet, mix ingredients and fry until the livers are slightly brown, stir from time to time to cook the food evenly
6) take the skillet from the stove, grind some black pepper and sprinkle some fresh parsley over food (optional)
7) serve the food immediately

Cooking tips about fried chicken livers and onions recipe 🔎

There are not too many people who would say that food with chicken livers is among the preferred chicken recipes. This is because, as far as the chicken livers are concerned, you either like them a lot or you don’t like them at all!

I simply love chicken livers! I like to eat them fried, baked, included in various stuffings or as a pate.

The video recipe on this page shows you how to cook chicken livers in a very easy and quick way.

This fried chicken liver recipe is extremely simple, requires very few ingredients, and is ready very fast. As a result, it is an ideal recipe when you want to eat tasty food in a short time.

There are a few cooking tips to know about this recipe. My first advice is to drain very well the chicken livers before placing them into the hot oil because the water and hot oil are dangerous together and you could get serious burns!

The second advice is to not fry the livers excessively because they will harden! Wait just until they are golden, this is the sign that the dish is ready for serving!

The third cooking tip regarding this chicken liver and onions dish is to serve it immediately as you finished cooking. I recommend this because the liver starts hardening while cooling, so you can enjoy the best taste when the food is hot.

Fried chicken livers and onions can be served with different side dishes. Some of the most suitable include creamy mashed potatoes and simple rice pilaf. However, you might find another very tasty combination! No matter the side dish you choose next to this recipe, I assure you that everyone will love the food very much!

Can I cook fried chicken livers and onions with spring onions? ❓

Yes, you can cook fried chicken liver and onions with spring onions exactly in the same way.

Enjoy fried chicken liver and onions!

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