Fried Turkey Breast Recipe (Cooking Turkey Breast in the Pan)

➡️ Searching for boneless turkey breast recipes in 2022? On this webpage, you’ll find out the best way to learn how to cook turkey breast fillets in the pan in 4 steps at home!

➡️ My basic turkey breast recipe enables you to improve your skills for cooking boneless turkey with simple and tasty ingredients such as salt and ground black pepper and more.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to cook fried turkey breast using a tasty and easy turkey fillet recipe from scratch!

The Magic Story of Cooking Fried Turkey Breast on the Stove

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Video – How to Cook Fried Turkey Breast Fillets in a Pan

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What ingredients do you need for the fried turkey breast recipe?

Raw Skinless Boneless Turkey Breast

1) 1.5 kg/50 oz of skinless boneless turkey breast
2) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of olive oil
3) some salt to taste
4) some ground black pepper to taste (optional)

How to make a fried turkey breast in the pan from scratch?

Fried Turkey Breast Recipe (Cooking Turkey Breast in the Pan)

Step 1: cut the turkey breast into strips and put them in the pan
Step 2: pour oil into the pan, season with salt, and fry the meat at a very high temperature until the turkey is browned (about 3 -5 min)
Step 3: flip the breast pieces and fry them evenly (2-3 min)
Step 4: take out the fried turkey breast from the pan and grind over some black pepper to taste (optional)

What is searing?

➡️ The searing cooking technique is used to create a browned crust on the surface of the food. This is done by cooking the surface of the food at a high temperature. The searing technique can be used when grilling, baking, braising, roasting, or sautéing meat, poultry, pork, seafood, or vegetables. Similar techniques like browning and blackening are used to sear all sides of meat before cooking it in the oven. To get the brown or black crust you want, the meat surface has to be over 150 °C (300 °F), so searing means the meat surface can’t have any water on it, which boils at 100 °C (212 °F).

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What are the health benefits of eating turkey?

➡️ Turkey is not only delicious, but it’s also a good source of several other nutrients that are essential for good health. These include copper, niacin, and vitamin B6. These nutrients are important for many bodily functions, including metabolism, immune function, and antioxidant defense. Studies conducted by scientists have indicated that selenium intake may help to lower the incidence of cancer. If you’re looking for a healthier meat option, choose light, skinless roasted turkey. It has less saturated and total fat, as well as less cholesterol than chicken, pork, or beef.

📖 Read more on the Health Benefits of Eating Turkey!

Tips For The Fried Turkey Breast Fillets Recipe

➡️ Turkey breast enables us to cook some of the most refined food recipes. Not only is turkey breast included in the finest food recipes, but it is also very healthy (see more information at the top of the page).

➡️ Most often, turkey breast is cooked in the oven because it has solid fiber meat and the whole or turkey breast fillet needs time and intense heat to get tender. The cooking method in the oven allows us to make very tasty dishes with this ingredient, but it also requires usually a lot of time, which sometimes we do not have.

➡️ So, how can you cook turkey breast faster but the dish be as tender and tasty as cooking it in the oven? Simple, by frying in a pan! Don’t raise your eyebrows in surprise, I will show you a method by which you can cook very fragile and juicy fried turkey breast in a pan! By using my fried turkey breast recipe, not only will you get a very appetizing meal, but also the cooking time you need is very short!

➡️ Most of you live with the prejudice that fried turkey breast is hard and dry. Yes, it’s true, IF you do not cut the turkey breast into fillets of the right size, and DO NOT fry it at the right temperature only as much as is necessary!

➡️ My fried turkey breast recipe is very easy and you only have to do two things to get perfect results. The first is to cut the skinless boneless turkey breast into strips of about 1-2 fingers thickness.

➡️ The second secret is to fry the turkey fillets at a very high temperature. By this method, which is called searing (see above), an outer crust is quickly formed and seals the juice into the meat. Also, searing tenderizes the meat in a very short time, so you only need a few minutes to cook a turkey breast cut into fillets or strips!

➡️ As for the spices used for the fried turkey breast recipe, they are basic. If you want and you have more time, you can marinate the turkey breast before frying using your favorite flavors.

Drinking Wine at Home

Drinking wine at home!

What goes better with a delicious meal than quality wine? Nothing, both from my point of view and from the ancient Greeks, who said about wine that it’s the nectar of the gods! Can we contradict them?

➡️ Enjoy cooking pan-fried turkey breast strips from scratch!

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