BBQ Grilled Pork Neck with a Homemade Pork Marinade Recipe

➡️ Searching for the tastiest BBQ grilled pork neck recipes in 2023? On this page, you’ll find out how to make grilled pork steaks with a good pork marinade recipe in the Italian style in only 8 steps at home. People who like pork simply love to eat this meat grilled and I am definitely a fan of the charcoal grill. If you raise your eyebrows when you read the Italian origin of the marinade, you should know that Italians don’t only eat pasta and pizza, they also like meat a lot.

➡️ In some western countries including the United States, until recently many avoided eating one of the most delicious cuts of pork, namely pork neck, which is also known as pork shoulder because they thought it contained a lot of fat. Probably, many did not know that this fat melts and drains during roasting, especially when you prepare the meat on the grill, so the resulting pork steaks contain very little fat that makes the meat juicy and tender. My pork neck BBQ recipe helps you cook pork steaks with simple and tasty ingredients for BBQ or for frying in the oven.

➡️ As you probably already know, the preparation of grilled pork neck itself is simple, the most difficult part is finding a tasty pork neck BBQ marinade and prepping the grill so that the coals are perfectly heated when you put the meat slices to barbecue. Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make grilled pork neck using an easy and good pork marinade recipe for pork steaks in the Italian style!

The Magic Story of Cooking Pork Neck BBQ at Home

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➡️ ENJOY making pork neck BBQ from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Video – How to Make Grilled Pork Neck Marinade from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need to make grilled pork steaks?

How to Cut Pork Neck into Slices - How to Slice Pork Butt Fillet

1) 1.5 kg/50 oz of pork neck (pork shoulder)
2) 1 garlic head or to taste
3) 1 small red onion (20 g/0.7 oz) or to taste
4) 1 tbsp of sugar
5) ground black pepper to taste
6) salt or salted red pepper paste to taste
7) 25 ml/0.8 fl oz of white wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice
8) 50 ml/1.6 fl oz of olive oil
9) some basil and rosemary leaves to taste (you can use dried versions as well) – you need about 1 tsp of each or 1/2 tsp of each for the dried version

How to make grilled pork steaks from scratch?

BBQ Grilled Pork Neck with a Homemade Pork Marinade Recipe

1) cut pork neck into slices of about 2-3 cm/0.8-1 inch thickness
2) peel garlic cloves off and crush them
3) peel the red onion off and chop it very finely
4) put garlic and onion into a bowl, then add sugar, ground black pepper, salt, vinegar, olive oil, and chopped greenery
5) combine ingredients until you get a marinade-like a smooth paste
6) coat each pork steak with the previously prepared marinade on both sides
7) cover meat slices with foil and place them in the fridge for at least 3 hours (recommended)
8) grill the pork steaks on the charcoal BBQ as desired (3-5 minutes on each side)

What are pork steaks?

➡️ Pork steaks are boneless slices of pork shoulder or pork neck. They can be found at most supermarkets and butchers, and often come in family packs. Pork steaks are an affordable and nutritious option for both meat lovers and those on a budget. They are used in a variety of ways including in stews or stir-fries but can be also baked in the oven or grilled on the BBQ. Pork steaks are actually favorite cuts for frying in the pan, baking in the oven, and grilling on the barbecue, being a great option for those looking to reduce the fat content in their diet.

What is a pork neck fillet?

➡️ The pork neck fillet is the center of the pork shoulder, which is sometimes known as a Boston Butt or a collar butt. This fantastic piece of pork is great for baking and slow roasting in the oven, excellent on the BBQ when sliced, and exceptional meat for smoking enthusiasts.

📖 Read more on Pork Neck.

3 PRO Tips For The BBQ Grilled Pork Neck Recipe

➡️ There are not too many cooking tips to share regarding this BBQ grilled pork collar recipe. Below are three of the most important tips to get the best results when making grilled pork neck:

  • slice the meat correctly, respectively don’t cut meat slices either too thick or too thin because thin slices will result in a dry steak while thick meat slices will result in a raw barbecue
  • leave enough time to marinate meat and absorb flavors, I recommend you wait at least 3 hours but, ideally, you should wait overnight to get the best results
  • roast the meat properly – don’t rush to put meat on the barbecue until the wood or coal is incandescent because flames will burn meat on the outside and inside it will remain raw

➡️ Enjoy making BBQ grilled pork neck steaks from scratch!

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