Romanian Grilled Skinless Sausages Mititei or Mici

Homemade Skinless Sausage Recipes: Romanian Mititei/Mici

My homemade skinless sausages recipe of Romanian inspiration (called mici or mititei) is possibly the most delicious grilled skinless sausage recipe you’ve ever made at home!

➡️ Are you looking for the best homemade skinless sausage recipes in 2023? In this place, you’ll discover how to make grilled skinless sausages with garlic in 9 steps at home. Many Americans may consider the idea of a skinless sausage to be weird, but it’s very popular and appreciated in many countries of the world, including those in the Middle East and the Balkans.

➡️ Especially the countries of the Balkans have many recipes for skinless sausages and each one has at least one own version, so you will find a lot of preparations of this kind in any of them. The recipes can differ quite a lot in terms of the type of meat used as well as the basic spices. My easy recipe helps you make skinless sausages with garlic and more simple and tasty ingredients.

➡️ Making grilled skinless sausages at home is much easier than it might seem at first glance. In fact, the recipe does not differ at all from that of a regular sausage, on the contrary, it’s even simpler because you no longer need to insert the filling into the casing, but just roll it into small cylindrical shapes. Watch the cooking video below and find out how to make grilled skinless sausages from scratch using a yummy and easy homemade sausage recipe!

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How to Make Grilled Skinless Sausages Mititei from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make skinless sausages?

Ground Pork

1) 3 kg/106 oz of pork mince
2) salt and ground black pepper to taste
3) 1.5 tsp of dried allspice or to taste
4) 0.5 tsp of dried thyme or to taste
5) 2 garlic heads or to taste
6) 2×100 ml/3.5 fl oz of water
7) 1.5 tbsp of food bicarbonate

How to make skinless sausages from scratch?

Romanian Grilled Skinless Sausages Mititei or Mici

1) put mincemeat in a large bowl
2) season ground pork with salt and pepper to taste
3) flavor skinless sausages with allspice and thyme
4) finely chop or crush garlic, then add it over ground pork
5) add a little cold water, then combine the ingredients very well
6) cover the bowl with foil and place it in the fridge at least for a couple of hours or until the next day
7) add food bicarbonate and a little water, mix and put back the meat in the fridge for 2 hours
8) make skinless sausages of the desired size
9) roast the sausages in the oven or on the coal grill until browned evenly

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Final Notes for the Grilled Skinless Sausage Recipe Mititei or Mici

➡️ Skinless sausages are very popular food recipes in several countries and especially in the Balkans and Romania. Skinless sausages are very popular all over the Balkans and there are many differences between the recipes depending on the country and even regions in the same country. However, all of them use different combinations of ground pork, beef, and sheep. The used spices are also quite different.

➡️ This grilled skinless sausage recipe shared on this page is actually a Romanian skinless sausage recipe, not a Serbian cevapi recipe. Even though Serbian cevapi is better known worldwide than Romanian sausages, the last ones, locally known as mititei or mici, are extremely delicious and many people say it has a better taste than other cevapcici recipes. The Romanian sausage recipe has two unique features – it has food bicarbonate in composition and doesn’t include onion.

➡️ Although you can bake skinless sausages in the oven, they are usually roasted on the coal grill because of the added smoky taste.

➡️ All skinless sausage types can be served with mustard, ketchup, cold garlic sauce, or another dipping sauce. Obviously, you can prepare different side dishes to serve along with grilled sausages. Some of the most popular side dishes are French fries and mashed potatoes.

➡️ Grilled skinless sausages are a delicacy that I enjoy throughout the summer as often as I can and every time I like it just as much! You should try it at least once and then you will definitely prepare them often! Enjoy making grilled skinless sausages from scratch! Read more about the Romanian mititei here.

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