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Pasta dishes are the easiest food recipes you have ever cooked!

➡️ It’s still spring and it’s time to practice your best healthy pasta dinner recipes. As you may have noticed, the market tables are loaded with plenty of fresh and healthy vegetables, so it’s hard for me to choose just some, and I usually get home with too many veggies in the basket. But this is not a problem, after all, I have enough recipes at hand!

➡️ However, what’s your take on a healthy pasta dinner? I can’t give you an exact definition, but what I know for sure is that if you want a healthy pasta dinner it shouldn’t be full of meat sauce, bacon, Parmesan cheese, or sour cream! Use lots of veggies, mushrooms, fish, and maybe a little mozzarella or ricotta to add a few more calories to quench your hunger and get a good night’s sleep!

➡️ Therefore, put pasta bake and scalloped pasta recipes aside for the fall, when you need more calories, and prepare a new recipe for your healthy pasta dinner every day. It’s time for a new beginning to load your body with vitamins and minerals that will put you on your feet in no time and will even make you lose a few pounds!

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Cooking A Healthy Pasta Dinner Is A Breeze!

➡️ I simply love cooking pasta with vegetables, and my family loves these dishes too. For some, it’s also a great way to use those veggies that are not eaten when you have children in the family. Plus, it’s so much healthier than the food you cook usually for dinner!

➡️ When it comes to my favorite vegetables and herbs for a healthy pasta dinner, I would mention first broccoli, green peas, basil leaves, and spinach. Of course, I use many other vegs that are in season throughout the spring – carrots, radishes, green onions, tomatoes, asparagus, and so on.

➡️ Cooking pasta is an excellent way to eat healthy, but it can be tricky. Most pasta is made with flour and oil, which can add unwanted calories and fat to your diet. So, cook foods in which the proportion of pasta is lower than that of mushrooms and vegetables. This way, you will feel full but you will ingest a few less calories that could make a difference, in time, in the kilograms you have.

➡️ Healthy pasta dinner recipes are easy to cook and help you get a low-calorie diet!

An easy pasta dinner without the sauce. My most shameful secret as a recipe developer is that I don’t really care about pasta. Yes, I know. It’s delicious and easy, but I’m much more of a rice or bread person. Obviously, this is not a popular opinion, one that often gets me silent glares when I choose to share it openly at dinner parties.
That said, the reason I don’t often make it at home is that, just like the typical cook, I fall into a rut where I make the same sauces over and over again, and sometimes I just don’t want to make another sauce for the pasta.
That’s why when I come across new pasta recipes that are blessedly simple and don’t call for making a sauce, I cling to them tighter than a sauce to pasta that hasn’t yet been diluted with cooking water (super-niche pasta humor, sorry).
One such recipe is the Pasta With Tomato Confit and Ricotta from my pal Alexis deBoschnek’s new cookbook “ To the Last Bite ,” in which DeBoschnek tosses slowly roasted cherry tomatoes with pasta and some dollops of ricotta — and that’s it. It’s so simple I barely have to think about anything beyond boiling the pasta. I feature that recipe, and another for a bright, crisp Carrot Ribbon Salad , in my review last week of DeBoschnek’s book.
Following in that same vein, here are some other so-easy-you’ll-laugh recipes for[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking healthy pasta dinner recipes from scratch!

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