Healthy Vegetable Casserole Recipe with Eggplants

Healthy Vegetable Casserole with Eggplants

➡️ This healthy vegetable casserole recipe is at the top of my favorites when cooking eggplants! The main reasons why I really like this eggplant casserole recipe include its exquisite taste, the fact that it is very healthy and easy to digest, and, last but not least, that it is ready in a short time.

➡️ This healthy vegetable casserole recipe is a family favorite in 2023. It’s quick and easy but tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen. The secret is the casserole dish itself, which helps the vegetables retain their flavors and keeps them from getting too soft. It’s also a great way to use up eggplants.

➡️ My vegetable casserole is a simple, healthy meal that will fill your stomach. In addition, please note that casseroles are an easy way to cook large amounts of food without wasting energy and time. So, it’s a great choice when you want to cook a tasty and healthy dinner without getting tired of cooking in the kitchen! Learn below how to cook a veggie casserole recipe with eggplants!

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How to Cook a Healthy Vegetable Casserole with Eggplants from Scratch

➡️ On this page, I’m going to share with you an easy, delicious, and healthy vegetable casserole recipe with eggplant! This eggplant casserole is super tasty, very easy to cook, and is a great way to use up vegetables and get some extra veggies in your diet!

➡️ I know that eggplant has a bad reputation among many vegetable lovers. It’s often referred to as “vegetable meat” or used as a vehicle for sauce and cheese. But eggplant is still a vegetable and a really versatile one! It can be battered and fried, roasted and served alongside a steak or chopped and turned into a dipping sauce or appetizer salad, or even used in place of meat in dishes like veggie burgers. Of course, it’s a perfect vegetable to cook healthy veggie casserole recipes!

➡️ Below are listed the needed ingredients and the cooking methods.

What ingredients do you need to cook a healthy vegetable casserole? (recipe for 10 servings)

Whole and Sliced Eggplants

1) 1,2 kg/42 oz of eggplants
2) 650g/23 oz of red bell peppers, seedless
3) 1 kg/35 oz of tomatoes
4) 350 g/12 oz of yellow onions, peeled
5) 3-5 cloves of garlic or to taste, peeled
6) 2 tbsp of olive oil
7) some salt and ground black pepper to taste
8) 1 small parsley leaves bundle

How to Cook Eggplant Casserole Step by Step

Healthy Vegetable Casserole with Eggplants

➡️ Eager to know how to cook a healthy vegetable casserole? The recipe is very tasty and easy to cook, so I wholeheartedly recommend it! Below are listed the steps required to cook the healthy vegetable casserole recipe with eggplants.

Total Time: 45 minutes

1) Cube the eggplants

Cut the eggplants into medium cubes.

2) Salt the eggplant pieces

Sprinkle salt over eggplant cubes, then rub them thoroughly and wait for about 30 minutes

3) Chop the bell peppers

Meanwhile, chop the red bell peppers after removing the stub and seeds.

4) Chop the garlic and onions

Chop the peeled onions and cloves of garlic.

5) Chop tomatoes

Next, chop tomatoes into medium pieces.

6) Rinse the eggplant

Rinse the eggplant pieces well to remove the salt and the bitter juice that they eliminated.

7) Fry the onion and garlic

Pour oil into a large pan and heat it up, add the chopped onions and garlic and fry them until slightly glassy (2-3 min) over a medium temperature.

8) Soften the bell peppers

Add the bell peppers to the pan and continue simmering the ingredients for about 5 min or until slightly soft.

9) Add the eggplants to the pan

Add the cubed eggplants to the pan and continue simmering the ingredients for about 5 min or until slightly soft.

10) Place tomatoes into the pan

Place tomatoes into the pan and continue simmering the veggies for about 3 min or until slightly soft.

11) Season the veggies

Season the veggies with some salt and ground black pepper to taste, pour a bit of water to dip the ingredients, and simmer them over a low temperature until all veggies are soft (about 10-20 min).

12) Sprinkle parsley over and serve the vegetable casserole

Sprinkle some chopped parsley leaves over the eggplant casserole and serve it immediately.

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6 PRO Tips for the Healthy Vegetable Casserole Recipe

  • cut the eggplants into medium-sized pieces to avoid breaking too much and turning into a paste or softening excessively
  • red bell peppers can be replaced with other pepper types, no matter their color
  • if you like spicy food, add some hot chili peppers to this healthy vegetable casserole recipe
  • don’t add too much water from the beginning to avoid the casserole being too runny, it’s better to add a little more during cooking if necessary
  • if the veggie casserole is still too runny, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch to thicken the sauce
  • parsley leaves can be replaced with other herbs such as coriander, dill, and so on

➡️ Enjoy cooking a healthy vegetable casserole from scratch! For additional info, read more on casserole!

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