Homemade Puff Pastry Cheese Straws Recipe

Basic Cheese Straws (Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe)

➡️ Are you searching for homemade cheese cracker recipes in 2023? On this page, you’ll find out how to make cheese straws with puff pastry in 9 steps at home.

➡️ My easy puff pastry cheese straws recipe enables you to prepare homemade cheese crackers with simple and tasty ingredients like puff pastry dough and Parmesan cheese.

➡️ Learn below how to make cheese straws with puff pastry using a tasty and easy homemade cheese crackers recipe from scratch!

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How to Cheese Puff Pastry Crackers from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make cheese crackers?

Grated Cheese

1) 400 g/14 oz of puff pastry dough
2) 1 egg
3) some salt to taste if needed
4) 250 g/9 oz of grated Parmesan cheese

How to make cheese straws from scratch?

Basic Cheese Straws (Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe)

1) prepare at home or unpack commercial puff pastry dough and stretch it into a sheet
2) break the egg, beat it up with the fork, and brush the pastry sheet all over
3) sprinkle some salt to taste over the dough sheet if needed (first, check how salted is the cheese that you are going to use)
4) sprinkle grated cheese all over the sheet
5) cut the puff pastry sheet into strips of about 1 finger width
6) cut the strips into evenly sized pieces (usually, you need to make 2 cuts)
7) place dough pieces on a baking paper-lined tray so that you keep some distance between them
8) place the tray in the preheated oven at 200 C/390 F and bake this puff pastry appetizer until golden on top
9) take the tray out from the oven and wait to cool the homemade cheese crackers to room temperature

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Final Notes for the Cheese Straws Recipe with Puff Pastry

➡️ There are many appetizers that can be prepared quickly when you’re craving a snack or your friends just called they are coming by! A good part of them are based on puff pastry dough, so it’s very useful to have some great appetizer recipes at hand featuring this ingredient.

➡️ Puff pastry is today so popular because anyone can prepare a lot of tasty things with it including appetizers, snacks, and even more complex dishes such as quiche lorraine. Additionally, almost everywhere is available affordable frozen pastry dough, so you don’t need to make it at home.

➡️ Among the cold appetizers that I make pretty often are puff pastry straws or puff pastry crackers. No matter what you call them, these appetizers or cold finger foods are very tasty, are ready very fast, and don’t require any fancy ingredients to get the best results!

➡️ Probably the most popular puff pastry straw recipe is the one including cheese among the ingredients. Basically, this is a piece of baked puff pastry topped with melted cheese – a perfect snack or appetizer when you want to prepare something effortless! Needless to say, they are perfect as finger foods at your party!

➡️ Most often, I use grated Cheddar or Parmesan cheese for the recipe, however, there are available more options to refine your masterpiece! I use sometimes smoked cheese because the combination of smoked melted cheese and crispy puff pastry is incredibly good.

➡️ Another good choice is to use dry salted brine cheese. If you do see, adjust the quantity of cheese depending on its salt content to avoid making very salted cheese crackers! Generally, I use various sheep or goat cheese types because they feature more fat, which combines excellently with puff pastry.

➡️ Of course, you can use many other ingredients to prepare puff pastry straws or puff pastry crackers, but I’ll reveal them in other recipes.

➡️ For now, I advise you to serve a cold beer next to this appetizer because they fit very well together. Finally, I recommend you double or triple the ingredient quantities because the straws disappear from the platter very quickly given that they are simply delicious!

➡️ Enjoy making puff pastry cheese straws from scratch! For additional info, read more about puff pastry origins here.

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