Baked Homemade Cheesecake for Easter

➡️ Looking for easy homemade cheesecake recipes in 2022? On this page, you’ll find out how to make Easter cheesecake with raisins in 27 steps at home.

➡️ Using this baked cheesecake recipe will enable you to bake a homemade cake with simple and tasty ingredients like Italian ricotta cheese or cottage cheese and raisins.

➡️ Watch the cake baking video below and learn how to make homemade cheesecake for Easter with raisins from scratch using a yummy and easy homemade cake recipe!

➡️ ENJOY making baked homemade cheesecake from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Video – How to Make Homemade Cheesecake

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What ingredients do you need to make a homemade cheesecake with raisins?

Cottage Cheese

1) 500 g/17.5 oz + 50 g/1.75 oz of cake flour
2) 10 g/0.35 oz of dried yeast
3) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of milk
4) 1 tbsp + 85 g/3 oz + 200 g/7 oz of granulated sugar
5) 2 tbsp + 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of sunflower oil
6) grated zest from a lemon
7) 2 + 2 + 1 eggs, separated into yolks and whites
8) 100 g/3.5 oz of golden raisins
9) 3 tbsp of dark rum or 3 tbsp of water + 1 tsp of rum essence
10) 700 g/25 oz of sweet cow cheese (DRY ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, or another similar drier sweet cheese type)
11) 1 tbsp of vanilla extract
12) 200 g/7 oz of sour cream (12% fat)
13) 50 g/1.75 oz + 2 tbsp of semolina

How to make homemade cheesecake with raisins from scratch?

Baked Homemade Cheesecake for Easter

1) sift 500 g/17.5 oz of flour and place it into a bowl
2) warm a bit of milk up to be just lukewarm, add over it dried yeast, 1 spoon of flour, 1 spoon of sugar, and 2 spoons of oil, then combine ingredients well by hand
3) add grated lemon zest, mix again, then cover the dish, placed it in a lukewarm place, and wait for the yeast to activate
4) place raisins into a bowl and pour over them dark rum or water with rum essence, mix and wait to soften the raisins
5) place 85 g / 3 oz of sugar into a bowl, add 2 egg yolks and stir energetically by hand until the sugar is dissolved completely
6) pour the yolk and sugar mixture into the flour bowl
7) pour 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of oil into the flour bowl, then add milk and mix by hand to combine ingredients very well
8) yeast dough is ready when it’s elastic and no longer sticky, at that moment cover it and wait for about 1 hour to leaven and double its volume
9) meanwhile, place fresh sweet cheese into a bowl
10) add over cheese 2 egg yolks, 200 g/7 oz of sugar, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, and sour cream, then stir ingredients by hand to combine very well
11) squeeze raisins if necessary to remove excess liquid, then place them into the cheese bowl
12) add 50 g/1.75 oz of flour and 50 g/1.75 oz of semolina over cheese, then mix ingredients thoroughly by hand
13) after leavening, place yeast dough on a floured worktop and divide it into two equal parts
14) spread a dough piece into a sheet a bit larger than the baking mold size, then place it inside to coat the bottom and partly its edge
15) cut about 1/3 of the second dough piece, place it aside, then spread the 2/3 dough piece into a sheet
16) place the second dough sheet into the mold so that it coats 2/3 of the inner edge and 1/3 of the outer edge
17) merge the two dough sheets inside the mold by pressing them gently with your fingers
18) place egg whites into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and whisk them until hard
19) add egg white to the cheese bowl and mix ingredients gently by hand until smooth
20) sprinkle 2 spoons of semolina all over the dough from the mold
21) pour the cheese mixture into the mold
22) divide the remaining dough into two parts and roll them to get strips like cords
23) place them on the cake top into a cross shape, press them gently to fasten them to the cheese, then bend the dough from the edge inwards to get a border inside the mold
24) break the last egg, beat it up with a fork, then brush the dough from the cake top
25) place the mold into the preheated oven at 180 C/360 F and bake the cake until golden on top (about 50-70 minutes)
26) take the mold out from the oven and wait until the cheesecake is completely cold
27) take the Easter cheesecake with raisins out from the mold and slice it up as desired

Tips For The Baked Homemade Cheesecake Recipe

➡️ Homemade cheesecake is one of my favorite cake recipes. There are lots of cheesecake recipes and each country has a specific recipe.

➡️ Paskha, as the cheesecake is named, is present on the Easter table in almost all of Eastern Europe. In all Orthodox countries, this special Easter cheesecake recipe is prepared with sweet cow cheese. However, it can be made with other sweet cheese types such as ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, and so on.

➡️ The video and recipe on this page present an Easter paskha recipe from Romania. In this country, traditions are kept pretty well, so all housewives make a baked cheesecake for the dessert served after the Easter lunch.

➡️ Of course, there are more Romanian paskha recipes but this baked cheesecake with raisins is among my preferred homemade cheesecake recipes.

➡️ Enjoy making homemade cheesecake from scratch!

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