Homemade Chicken Salad

Making Healthy Chicken Salads at Home

Some of the most delicious homemade chicken salad recipes you’ve ever made!

➡️ On hot summer days, we all need fewer calories, so we are looking to eat something frugal, which is easier and faster to digest. One of the dishes that is perfect for dinner on scorching days is homemade chicken salad, which is a staple in my kitchen during summer.

➡️ I must admit that this happens not only because I want to eat fewer calories in the summer but also because in this season I often grill chicken on weekends and there are often many leftovers that I use exactly to make delicious appetizer salads ready to serve for lunch or dinner the next few days.

➡️ Probably, many others have similar reasons to make homemade chicken salads and, as a result, it’s a logical explanation for the popularity of chicken salad recipes nowadays. However, this dish is usually not only for American cuisine but also for many other countries, such as those in the tropical regions of the planet and especially in Asia. There are a lot of Asian chicken salad recipes, of which Thai chicken salad recipes and Chinese chicken salad recipes have become quite popular even in the United States, due to their exotic flavors that go perfectly with grilled chicken.

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Making Homemade Chicken Salad Is A Breeze!

➡️ I am convinced that most readers of this culinary article have prepared various homemade chicken salad recipes and each has a favorite recipe. Some like such appetizer salads with creamy dressings based on mayonnaise or Greek yogurts. I simply love these dressings, but many times I’m trying to make healthy chicken salads with fewer calories, so in the summertime rather I prepare a dressing with ingredients based on aromatic plants and spices.

➡️ I like to prepare homemade chicken salad with grilled chicken leftovers, but also with leftover baked chicken breast or even fried chicken breast in the pan. There is a special category of such recipes that are made with shredded chicken because the chicken breast can be crumbled very well by shredding.

➡️ When it comes to ingredients to combine chicken, the limit is the sky! First, any kind of fresh vegetable is just perfect for homemade chicken salads. However, other ingredients go perfectly as well and I think of pickles, boiled vegetables, brined cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and so on. Not to forget, fresh herbs like dill, parsley, basil, and coriander are just ideal additions to any homemade chicken salad.

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We adore this dill pickle chicken salad. It’s wonderful to make ahead of time and an excellent lunch for the warmer months. Serve with toast or crackers, on sandwiches, in lettuce cups, on wraps, or on a salad!

Lunch is on me today!! I’m still on a mission to bring us lots of delicious lunch ideas this year, and right here I’ve got a new favorite! This dill pickle chicken salad is modeled after my summer chicken salad and lemon almond roast chicken salad but loaded with all the flavor of dill pickles.

It’s chunky and satisfying with the perfect base of pickle-y yogurt and mayo.

And it’s classic enough to enjoy in just about any way! Ideal for make-ahead meals as well as summer lunch plates.[…]

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