Vanilla Slice with Pudding

Easy vanilla slice recipes – how to make cremeschnitte from scratch in 9 steps at home.

Easy vanilla custard slice recipe to make cremeschnitte at home with vanilla pudding and puff pastry sheets.

Learn in this video how to make a vanilla slice from scratch by using a yummy and easy cremeschnitte recipe from grandma!

SUPER YUMMY homemade cake recipe by! ENJOY making vanilla slice at home! πŸ‘Œ

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πŸ‘Œ Homemade cremeschnitte/vanilla slice – video πŸ“Ί

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➑️ What ingredients do you need to make a vanilla slice? ❓

Fresh Cow Milk

1) 200 g/7 oz of vanilla pudding
2) 500 g/18 oz of granulated sugar
3) 2000 ml/68 fl oz of cold cow milk
4) 300 g/10 oz of butter at room temperature, cubed
5) 2 puff pastry sheets for cremeschnitte of 200 g/7 oz each
6) caster sugar for garnishing

➑️ How to make a vanilla slice from scratch? ❓

Homemade Cremeschnitte - Vanilla Slice Recipe

1) put vanilla pudding powder into a pot, add sugar and pour gradually milk
2) boil pudding according to instructions from the package until it has a thick consistency, stir ingredients occasionally
3) cover the vanilla pudding with foil and wait until it’s completely cold
4) stir pudding with a mixer at low speed until you get a creamy consistency again
5) add gradually butter while mixing pudding until you get a smooth vanilla custard cream
6) spread vanilla custard over one of the pastry sheets into a uniform layer
7) crush the second pastry sheet into small pieces by hand or cut equal larger pieces out by knife, then spread or put them over the custard layer
8) sprinkle abundant caster sugar on top
9) wait until the next day if you want to moist the pastry or serve it immediately if you like the crunchy pastry texture

➑️ Tips for the homemade vanilla slice recipe πŸ”Ž

Cremeschnitte is an old-fashioned cake that belongs to the most famous and most beloved homemade cake recipes. Some of the countries where cremeschnitte is highly appreciated include Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, and so on.

There are many cremeschnitte recipes. Each country has one or two variations of the basic recipe. As a result, please don’t be surprised if you will get a different cremeschnitte type when you visit some of the countries where this vanilla slice cake is popular.

The cremeschnitte recipe presented on this web page is very popular in Croatia, where is known as Samoborska kremΕ‘nita, in Hungary, and in some parts of Romania such as Banat and Transylvania.

Nowadays, this old-fashioned cake became very popular in Australia. In this place, it’s simply called a vanilla slice or snot block.

New Zealand is another country where the cake became popular in recent years. It is simply named custard slice and is very similar to the recipe presented on this page.

No matter which of these vanilla slice recipes you’ll taste, it will like you because all these vanilla cakes are really delicious.

However, few people know that all cremeschnitte recipes come from a basic French vanilla slice recipe named millefeuille. Some millefeuille recipes include fresh fruit such as raspberry, others include just vanilla custard. Regardless of the type, this is a very popular cake in France even today.

This homemade custard slice recipe is very easy to make and you don’t need many ingredients. Also, the preparation time is pretty short.

By using this homemade cake recipe, you can make a vanilla custard slice in a very easy way. Besides vanilla, you might use different pudding types with various flavors like orange, lemon, caramel, chocolate, and so on. All of these custard cakes are very tasty and will be highly appreciated by your family and friends.

As already mentioned, you can serve cremeschnitte immediately after it’s ready or you can wait until the next day. If you do so, you need to keep the cake in the fridge or a cold and well-aerated place. Enjoy it!

Read more about various cremeschnitte types here.

Read more about mille-feuille types here.

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