Homemade French Crepes

French Crepe Recipes

Some of the best homemade French crepes recipes you’ve ever made!

➡️ Homemade French crepes are a tasty and easy way to enjoy this traditional breakfast food or dessert and savor the unique flavor of the crepe or galette. French crepes are versatile desserts or snacks and are easily customizable to suit one’s tastes and dietary restrictions. Sweet or savory, they make delicious dishes paired with any of your favorite toppings and sauce. You can make easily your own sweet crepes or savory galettes at home and customize them to suit your own preferences!

➡️ If you did not know until now, crêpes originated in Brittany, a region in western France, during the 13ths century. They are a very thin type of pancake that is often folded or rolled up into a variety of shapes. Crepes are usually one of two varieties: sweet crêpes or savory galettes (read more below).

➡️ Homemade French crepes are an easy and delicious way to taste one of the country’s best culinary traditions even if you don’t visit this European region. Even the simple crepe recipes enable you to make delicious crêpes that can be folded and filled with a variety of sweet and savory fillings. If you’re craving a savory crepe, try adding some sautéed mushrooms or onions and grated cheese. For a sweet crepe, try spreading some Nutella or honey, then sprinkling some fresh fruit over the sweet layer before folding and serving. You will wake up directly in paradise in any of the options you try!

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Making Homemade French Crepes Is A Breeze!

➡️ One of the most classic French crepe recipes is the crêpe Suzette, a Savoie specialty, which is a crisp, paper-thin crepe, shaped with a small metal-handled crepe pan, that is filled with a flavored cream. Even if sounds tricky, making a crêpe Suzette at home is not that hard. Actually, is just a matter of knowing how to make perfect crepes! (see my French crepe recipes below)

➡️ Making homemade French crepes is a breeze because the hardest step in making a classic crepe is to mix the ingredients together. Here is a list of the main ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, and a little sugar (skip this ingredient if you make savory crepes and replace it with a pinch of salt). First, you need to mix flour, eggs, and sugar or salt. The next step is to add the liquid ingredients GRADUALLY while stirring, such as milk or water to the dry ones. If you add all the liquid ingredients at once, the batter will be too thin or won’t combine well.

➡️ After your crepe batter is ready, you have just to fry the crepes on the stove. The best way is to use a thin frying pan on which you pour a little vegetable oil (don’t use olive oil or any other oil type with a strong aroma!), wait to get hot over a high temperature, then pour a small quantity of batter (about an average ladle) and spread it quickly over the entire surface. Next, wait to harden the bottom side in a couple of seconds, flip the crepe and fry again for a couple of seconds. That’s it! Your first homemade French crepe is ready for serving after you fill it up with whatever you want!

➡️ Enjoy making homemade French crepes from scratch!

Crepes, which originated in Brittany, France, are thin pancakes made with basic household ingredients. Flour, eggs, salt, sugar, and milk are all you need to make both sweet and savory crepes, primed for whatever filling you’re craving.

We consulted Keith Lada, executive chef of The Skinny Pancake—an assortment of creperies founded in Burlington, Vt.—for his expert advice on how to make crepes at home. Keep reading for his pointers, a crepe recipe, and many sweet and savory ideas for different crepe filings. You’ll be making crepes at home in no time![…]

➡️ Enjoy making homemade French crepes from scratch!

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