How to Cook Fried Italian Sausage in the Pan
How to Cook Fried Italian Sausage in the Pan

Fried raw sausage recipes – how to cook fried Italian sausage in the pan. Deep-fried sausage recipe to learn how to cook sausages in a frying pan without breaking them up during roasting!

Learn in this video how to fry sausages in a pan from scratch by using a yummy and easy fried sausage recipe!

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Fried Italian sausage – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need for fried Italian sausage? ❓

1) 100 ml / 3.5 fl oz of vegetable oil or 100 g / 3.5 oz of pork lard
2) 500 g / 17.5 oz of fresh Italian sausage

How to make fried Italian sausage from scratch? ❓

1) place the oil or lard into a frying skillet
2) turn the fire on at a low-medium temperature and wait to warm the oil up
3) place the sausage into the skillet, the put the lid to the skillet because the hot oil or lard will sprinkle all over
4) wait until the sausage is golden brown on the bottom side, then flip them and put back the lid to the skillet
5) wait until the sausage is evenly golden
6) take out the sausage from the pan and drain the excess oil or lard
7) serve the fried Italian sausage until is warm

Cooking tips about the fried Italian sausage recipe 🔎

Cooking fresh sausage is very easy for most of the people with a little experience in the kitchen. However, even the most simple cooking skills have to be learned, so this video and tutorial are aimed at people without previous experience in preparing various food recipes including fresh sausage.

There are just several cooking tips to keep in mind when frying fresh sausages, not just Italian, but of any kind.

  1. put enough oil or lard in the pan to avoid breaking up the skin and /or burning the sausages
  2. fry the sausages over low-medium temperature because the very high will lead certainly to the breaking of the sausage skin
  3. don’t stick the fresh sausage by fork or knife because the skin will break up during frying
  4. don’t fry the sausage excessively, usually, they need to roast just 1-2 minutes on a side in the hot oil
  5. don’t put the sausage in the cold oil because the skin will soak it up and will soften and, later, will break
  6. serve the fried sausage while it’s still warm to enjoy the hot flavored juice from inside, after cooling the taste won’t be so intense

Fried fresh sausages can be served in different ways. Often, I like to eat fried sausage just with mustard and fresh bread. Ketchup or horseradish sauce is also an excellent dip for the fried Italian sausages!

Other times, I like to serve fried sausages along with various side dishes. Some of the most-used side dishes in my kitchen are creamy mashed potatoes, French fries, creamed spinach, braised green peas, Hungarian yellow bean stew, and many more.

However, you can serve the fried sausage with any side dish you like because I can’t imagine one that won’t fit this food.

Regarding the best drinks that fit the fried fresh sausages, a cold beer would be my first choice. Nevertheless, depending on the side dish you are serving next to the sausages, a glass of quality white wine or even red wine would be also a good choice.

Enjoy fried Italian sausage in the pan!

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Can I cook other sausage types just like the fresh Italian sausage? ❓

Yes, you can fry other sausage types by using the fried Italian sausage recipe.

Read more about different sausage types here.

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