How to Cut a Pork Loin into Chops

➡️ Are you searching for cooking tips about how to slice bone-in pork loin from scratch? On this webpage, you’ll discover how to cut a pork loin into chops in 6 steps with a kitchen knife and a cleaver.

➡️ Following the steps described below will improve your skills in how to cut a pork loin into chops or how to slice a whole bone-in pork loin with a kitchen knife and cleaver in a simple and quick way!

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to cut a pork loin into chops and how to slice a bone-in pork loin for cooking steak, schnitzel, and grill!

The Magic Story of Learning How to Cut a Pork Loin

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Video – How to Cut a Pork Loin into Chops

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What ingredients do you need to learn how to cut a pork loin?

Raw Bone-in Pork Loin

1) a whole bone-in pork loin

How to cut a pork loin into chops from scratch?

How to Cut a Pork Loin into Chops

1) place the bone-in loin on a chopper and keep it fixed so it doesn’t move anymore when you make cuts
2) use a sharp knife and make a cut between two rib bones by following the bone line until you reach the spine bone
3) make similar cuts between all rib bones
4) take a cleaver and cut the spine bone in the extension of the previous cuts, try to hit just one-two time on the spine bone, in the same place
5) cut the chop out by using again the knife (this is recommended to make clean cuts so that the pork chops will look good)
6) remove by hand or knife the small bone chips if necessary

What are pork chops?

➡️ Pork chops are cuts made perpendicular to the pig’s spine and usually include a rib and part of a vertebra. Pork chops are leaner than other pork slices because they contain very little fat. They are cooked in different ways and served as individual pieces with various ingredients.

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Is eating pork really dangerous to your health?

➡️ Consuming an excessive amount of red meat has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and death in various observational studies conducted over the years. Other studies, however, have revealed no direct cause-and-effect relationship between eating pork and diseases or mortality. In conclusion, if you eat lean pork, it should not cause any health problems.

PRO Tips For Cutting Pork Loin into Chops

➡️ Even if slicing a bone-in pork loin might seem hard and tricky to some people, in reality, this operation isn’t so exhausting. You have just to follow several cooking tips when you learn how to cut a pork loin into chops and everything will go well.

  • use only very sharp knives when you slice meat, this will help you make clean cuts, use less energy, and avoid serious injuries
  • keep the pork loin fixed when you make cuts or you hit it with the cleaver, otherwise, you can cut yourself very easily
  • cut the loin immediately after you take it out from the fridge, so the meat is cold and it’s easier to slice
  • don’t wash the loin before slicing, you can hold it better and it will not slip out of your hand
  • don’t work in the kitchen when you’re nervous, you’re tired, or in a hurry

➡️ Besides chops, a whole pork loin can be cut into steaks. These are boneless meat slices, so you have to remove the bone before slicing the loin. After you remove the bone with the knife, the procedure is the same, excepting the use of the cleaver, which you don’t need at this time.

➡️ Pork loin and pork steaks can be cooked in many ways. Some of the food recipes including these pork cuts are grilled on the coal BBQ, in the pan, or in the oven.

➡️ Generally speaking, it’s better to cook pork chops on the grill or in any other way after you have marinated them. There are available many techniques and marinade recipes, so I won’t mention any of them in this article.

➡️ Another popular dish with pork chops is pork schnitzel, with or without breadcrumbs. This food is especially popular in some European countries like Austria, Germany, and Hungary, to name but a few of them. Whatever the way you are going to cook this pork cut, learning how to cut a pork loin into chops is very important. Therefore, I recommend you watch this video tutorial and then try to proceed similarly. For sure, you will be able to slice the whole pork loin in a very short time!

➡️ Enjoy learning about how to cut a pork loin into chops from scratch!

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