How to Cut Pork Neck into Slices

Basic pork cuts – how to cut pork neck into slices in 6 steps at home.

View how to cut pork butt or pork neck into slices in a simple way!

Learn in this video about how to slice a pork neck, pork butt, or pork collar for the grill, roast, and other dishes by using a kitchen knife!

SUPER EASY cooking tips by! ENJOY cooking pork neck fillet at home! 👌

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👌 How the cut pork neck into slices – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to learn how to cut pork neck slices? ❓

Raw Pork Butt

1) a chunk of boneless pork neck

➡️ How to cut pork neck slices from scratch? ❓

How to Cut Pork Neck into Slices - How to Slice Pork Butt Fillet

1) before cutting meat, keep it in the fridge for at least 2 hours to be rigid
2) place pork neck to a larger chopper or worktop right before cutting it off
3) use a knife with a large and wide blade (recommended)
4) hold firmly meat chunk with one of your hands and press it to the chopper to remain fixed
5) take the knife with the other hand and cut butt fillets of about 1-2 finger thickness, depending on your finger size and the dish you are going to cook
6) continue in the same way until you slice the entire meat chunk up

➡️ Cooking tips about how to cut pork neck into slices 🔎

Probably, many people will smile when will see the title of this video – “How to cut pork neck into slices”.

If you’re confused about what is pork neck, please note that it’s also called pork collar and Boston butt, depending on the country. So, pork neck, pork collar, and Boston butt or Boston pork butt is the same thing.

Of course, slicing a whole Boston butt up seems very easy, but even basic cooking skills must be learned at a point in life by everyone.

This video about cooking tips is aimed at very young people or people without solid cooking experience who want to learn basics skills in the kitchen. As a result, please be courteous and accept that not everyone has advanced culinary knowledge like you!

As I already wrote above, keep the meat in the fridge until you are going to slice it up. Many people say they cannot make good-looking neck fillets because they cannot cut the meat straight. This is because the meat is, probably, soft and therefore the cut won’t be linear.

In this video, I show you how to slice up a boneless pork neck into fillets. Since a pork neck is a pork cut attached to the bone, you might find it in the butchery or store bone-in pork neck. Don’t worry, slicing it into pork neck chops is very easy as well.

Slicing a bone-in pork neck is very similar to cutting off boneless pork butt except that you need a cleaver to cut the bone. Proceed in the same way as described above and, when the blade touches the bone stop slicing, take the cleaver, and detach the steak from the bone with 1-2 strikes.

Enjoy the video about how to cut pork neck into slices!

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