How to Debone a Chicken Breast
How to Debone a Chicken Breast

Basic cooking tips to remove bone from chicken breast – how to debone a chicken breast in a simple way.

Learn in this video about how to debone the chicken breast with the knife to take off the bone and get a chicken fillet in a very simple and quick way!

SUPER EASY cooking tips to make boneless chicken breast fillets by!


How to debone a chicken breast – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to learn how to remove bone from the chicken breast? ❓

1) whole chicken breast with skin on and bone in

How to remove bone from the chicken breast from scratch? ❓

1) place the whole chicken breast to the chopper
2) hold firmly chicken breast and cut it lengthwise into two halves by using a sharp knife
3) pull the skin on both chicken breast halves, make some cuts if necessary to detach the skin off the meat
4) press the meat to the chopper and make a cut along the junction between meat and bone to remove it entirely
5) to make chicken breast fillets, just cut lengthwise the meat in two pieces, keeping the blade parallel to the chopper
6) proceed in the same way with the other half of chicken breast

Cooking tips about how to debone a chicken breast 🔎

A kitchen-savvy person would smile when would seeing the title of this video tutorial. Still, someone who is just starting to learn some basic cooking skills will definitely want to know how to debone a chicken breast and cut it into fillets.

If you are going to use a smaller chicken breast (150 g/5.5 oz maximum weigh) for your dish, you need just remove skin and bone, then cut chicken breast in two halves, without making fillets.

When you make very thin fillets, they will dry out and the grill or schnitzel won’t be juicy at all.

If you are going to fillet turkey breast (method is the same), cut 3-4 fillets, depending on the breast size. Too thick fillets will cause schnitzel to remain raw inside.

Before grilling or frying a schnitzel, season with salt the chicken or turkey breast fillets and wait for about 30 minutes.

Salt will be absorbed in the meat and the grill, respectively the schnitzel will be tasty. Some do not agree to add salt to meat before frying. On the contrary, I think the meat should be seasoned with salt before frying it because otherwise it will not absorb the salt and will remain tasteless!

Proceed in the same with pepper (I recommend using white pepper because it matches better chicken breast than black pepper) if you want a spicier taste for your food.

A very important cooking tip about removing bone from the chicken breast is to make fillets right before cooking the food. Removing bone and skin much in advance could cause drying and losing the color of the meat.

After you learn how to debone a chicken breast or turkey breast, you can cook many delicious food recipes with these fillets. Some of the best food recipes I cook often with chicken fillets include chicken breast schnitzel, grilled chicken breast in the pan or on the coal grill, chicken cordon bleu, and chicken breast casserole, to name but a few of them. Click on the links below to view videos and recipes for all these mouth-watering foods!

Learn how to debone a chicken breast and enjoy turkey or chicken breast fillets!

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