How to Flour a Bundt Pan

Baking tips for beginners – how to grease and flour a bundt pan in 6 steps at home.

Easy way to grease a bundt pan with butter, margarine, or oil.

Learn in this video how to flour a bundt pan easily and quickly!

SUPER EASY baking tips for beginners by! Enjoy baking cakes at home! 👌

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👌 How to flour a bundt pan – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to learn how to flour a bundt pan? ❓


1) 20 g/0.7 oz of butter/margarine or 1 tbsp of vegetable oil
2) 1 tbsp of all-purpose flour

➡️ How to grease a bundt pan from scratch? ❓

How to Flour a Bundt Pan - How to Grease a Bundt Pan

1) place a small piece of butter or margarine into the bundt pan and grease its inner surface all over or pour a spoon of oil into the pan and brush its inner side entirely
2) sprinkle about a spoon of flour into the pan
3) take the pan into your hand and tilt it to about 45 degrees
4) rotate the pan slowly so that flour coats the buttered or oiled surface completely
5) remove excess flour from the pan
6) fill the pan up with cake dough and bake as desired

➡️ Tips about how to grease and flour a bundt pan 🔎

Preparing homemade cake recipes seems easy to experienced housewives, but how about with people with less or without baking experience?

Everyone has to learn basic skills in the kitchen both regarding cooking and cake baking. This video tutorial has aimed at people looking for the easiest and fastest way to accumulate valuable knowledge in order to start making homemade goodies!

Greasing and flouring a tray or bundt pan is one of the first things one should learn when starting to make cakes at home. It seems very easy, but do you remember the first time when you tried to make this? I’m sure you needed, just like me or anyone else, some advice, or you saw how your mother or grandma proceeds before making this routine yourself.

So, how to grease a bundt pan correctly? As you probably saw in the video, you have to grease the inner part of the pan or tray in order to avoid sticking dough to it.

You can achieve this either with butter/margarine or vegetable oil. There is no significant difference between these ingredients except taste. If you’re going to use oil, make sure it has a neutral taste, respectively it doesn’t have a strong flavor such as olive oil, which I don’t consider proper for this purpose.

I use sunflower oil for greasing a tray or pan, but most often I prefer to use butter to grease the pan when I bake a cake at home.

Next, how to flour a bundt pan? Simply, use all-purpose flour to create a layer, and then you can already pour dough inside! Now, you know both how to grease a bundt pan and then flour it!

Enjoy homemade cakes baked into a bundt pan!

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