How to Wedge Cabbage by a Knife in a Simple Way
How to Wedge Cabbage by a Knife in a Simple Way

Basic cooking tips about how to wedge cabbage – how to cut cabbage in wedges by a knife. How to cut cabbage with a kitchen knife for coleslaw, stir fry and other dishes in a very simple and quick way.

View this video about how to cut up a cabbage in a very simple way and learn how to wedge cabbage by the knife!

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How to wedge cabbage by a knife – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to learn how to wedge cabbage? ❓

1) a raw cabbage head, white or red (purple)

How to wedge cabbage from scratch? ❓

1) remove withered outer leaves from the cabbage head if necessary
2) cut cabbage head in two halves through the middle of the stub
3) cut the stub out from each cabbage half, then cut each piece in two halves again to get quarters if the cabbage id too large
4) wedge cabbage halves or quarters right near your fingers just like in the video to get cabbage strips of the desired thickness (actually, your fingers should guide the knife blade and determine the thickness of the wedges)
5) continue in the same way until the whole cabbage is wedged

Cooking tips about how to wedge cabbage step by step 🔎

It looks very easy to make, isn’t so? Yes, it’s really simple to wedge a cabbage, but you still have to learn some basics about how to wedge cabbage correctly.

Here are a few cooking tips to remember when you chop cabbage into wedges:

  • remove the old withered leaves before chopping, you don’t want to eat them, isn’t?
  • use just a very sharp knife, this is one of the golden rules in the kitchen, doesn’t matter what are you going to cut
  • use a knife with a wide blade, you’ll work much easier and faster
  • use a large chopper to avoid cutting other things around than cabbage
  • hold the cabbage chunks very firm and press them to the chopper when you wedge, if the blade slides a little you can cut yourself pretty bad
  • control strictly the thickness of the cabbage wedges with your fingers by making cuts straight in front of them
  • choose right the thickness of the cabbage strips – medium-sized for mixed vegetable salad, stew or stir fry, very thin for coleslaw (this is just a recommendation, you can wedge or chop the cabbage anyway you like…)

Cabbage is one of the most popular vegetables all over the world. There are thousands of food recipes including cabbage.

Cabbage is used on a large scale both because it’s very healthy and very cheap. Therefore, people are highly interested to eat cabbage in as many ways as they can!

Countries were people eat a very large quantity of cabbage every year include Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. As I already said cabbage is popular everywhere, so it’s used in all parts of the globe.

Some of the most important benefits of cabbage include a high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin K. It is also an important source of vitamin B6 and different minerals.

There are different cabbage types – white cabbage, purple or red cabbage, savoy cabbage, and so on. Some are more popular than others, depending on the country where are used.

Cabbage is used both to cook food and to make a vegetable salad.

When it comes to salad, cabbage can be used alone or in combination with other raw vegetables.

Cabbage can be conserved by pickling. Sauerkraut, sour cabbage or pickled cabbage is also used to cook different food recipes or to make a salad.

If you’re asking how to wedge cabbage that was pickled, the answer is simple: identical!

There are not many things to say about what to do with raw cabbage – hundreds of recipes are waiting on you!

Learn how to wedge cabbage and enjoy it in any way you like!

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