Hungarian Flour Dumplings for Goulash

Easy cooking dumplings recipes – how to make Hungarian flour dumplings for goulash and paprikash in 9 steps at home.

Learn in this cooking video how to make dumplings from scratch with plain flour and without baking powder!

Flour dumplings for goulash, paprikash, and other authentic Hungarian recipes – the best dumplings you ever had!

SUPER EASY homemade food recipe by! ENJOY Hungarian dumplings! 👌

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Hungarian dumplings for goulash – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to make Hungarian flour dumplings for goulash? ❓


1) 300 g/10 oz of all-purpose flour
2) a pinch of salt
3) 2 tbsp of pork lard or 3 tbsp of sunflower oil

➡️ How to make Hungarian flour dumplings for goulash from scratch? ❓

Authentic Hungarian Flour Dumplings for Goulash

Step 1: place flour into a bowl
Step 2: gradually add water while stirring energetically until you get a homogeneous and glue-like viscous mixture, add a pinch of salt to taste (the amount of water differs depending on the flour composition)
Step 3: put a large amount of water in a wide pot, place the pan on the stove at medium temperature and wait until the water reaches boiling point
Step 4: with the help of a spoon put small amounts of dough in boiling water, continue until you run out of the whole amount of dough
Step 5: wait until the dumplings boil and rise to the surface of the water (3-5 minutes)
Step 6: take the dumplings out of the pot and drain them well
Step 7: put the lard or oil in a pan and wait for it to heat up over high temperature
Step 8: put the dumplings in the pan and fry them for 2-3 minutes while stirring frequently
Step 9: take the dumplings out of the pan and serve them immediately, usually with goulash or paprikash

➡️ Cooking tips for making Hungarian flour dumplings 🔎

Dumplings are very popular in Hungary, so in this country are cooked a lot of food recipes featuring various types of dumplings. You should know that dumplings are of different types and therefore are used in different food recipes.

The recipe for flour dumplings that I share on this page is a type of dumpling used as a garnish for goulash or paprikash, NOT for soup. Soup dumplings are made a little differently and are much softer than the ones presented now.

As you can see in the video, the preparation of flour dumplings is very simple. However, there are some secrets that are essential for their proper preparation. Below, I share these secrets so you can cook Hungarian dumplings like a top chef in this country!

In fact, there are only three things you need to follow to make perfect Hungarian flour dumplings. The first is to use a very small amount of salt in the composition of the dough. If you put too much salt, the dough becomes too soft and the dumplings will be excessively fragile.

The second secret is to use a large amount of boiling water. When you put the dumplings in too little water or the pot is too small, the dough will stick to larger pieces and therefore the dumplings will not boil properly.

The third secret is not to mix the dumplings at all after you put them in the water, but to wait for them to rise to the surface on their own. Many make the mistake of starting to mix in the pot and this leads to breaking the dough into small pieces and, in the end, you will get a kind of porridge instead of dumplings!

You should also know that it is important to drain the water from the Hungarian flour dumplings very well before frying them. By the way, if you are wondering if frying is mandatory, the answer is yes. Frying dumplings in lard eliminates excess water and, in addition, gives them a special flavor.

If you don’t have or don’t like pork lard, you can fry Hungarian flour dumplings in sunflower oil. ATTENTION! Olive oil is completely contraindicated because it has a very strong specific aroma, a flavor that is not specific to Hungarian cuisine and, therefore, does not match the rest of the spices.

Enjoy the Hungarian flour dumplings recipe!

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cooking dumplings | cooking goulash | Hungarian food | Hungarian recipes

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