Hungarian Lamb Paprikash Recipe
Hungarian Lamb Paprikash Recipe

Hungarian lamb paprikash recipes – how to make lamb paprikash with dumplings. Hungarian lamb stew recipe to cook paprikash with simple and tasty ingredients such as lamb shank and flour dumplings.

Learn in this video how to make lamb paprikash with dumplings by using the authentic Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe!

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Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe with dumplings – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need for the Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe? ❓

1) 600 g /21 oz of yellow onions
2) 6 garlic cloves or to taste
3) salt and ground black pepper to taste
4) 2 tbsp of sunflower oil
5) 1 tbsp of sweet paprika
6) 1/2 tbsp of smoked sweet paprika (you can use sweet paprika instead)
7) 1/2 tbsp of spicy paprika (you can use spicy paprika instead)
8) 2 kg / 70 oz of bone-in spring lamb meat, cut into smaller pieces (I use lamb shank, lamb ribs, lamb neck)
9) 1-2 dried bay leaves
10) 300 g / 10 oz of all-purpose flour
11) 2 eggs

How to make Hungarian lamb paprikash from scratch? ❓

1) peel onions off and chop them finely, then do the same with garlic
2) place oil into a high pot, place it to the stovetop over high temperature and wait to warm up
3) put onions and garlic into the skillet and fry over high temperature, add some salt to taste
4) when the onion is glassy, add ground black pepper and paprika, then fry ingredients 1 minute more while stirring continuously to avoid burning
5) pour about 1 glass of water into the pot to stop frying and reduce the temperature
6) place the meat into the pot, add some bay leaves to taste, then fill the pot up with water just to cover ingredients (DO NOT pour excessive water!)
7) boil Hungarian paprikash over low temperature until the meat is very soft and can be pulled from the bone easily (about 40-50 minutes)
8) meanwhile, place the flour into a bowl and break over eggs
9) pour gradually into the bowl about 50-100 ml / 1.7-3.4 fl oz of cold water while stirring until you get a smooth dough without lumps
10) when the Hungarian lamb stew is ready, break small pieces of dough with the spoon and add them into the pot
11) wait until all flour dumplings rise to the paprikash surface, this is the sign they are soft and ready for serving
12) turn the heat off, cover the pot with a lid and wait about 30 minutes before serving the food for the dumplings to become very fluffy

Cooking tips about Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe with dumplings 🔎

Hungarian paprikash is, probably, the most famous food recipe from this country. Traditionally, paprikash is cooked with chicken, but there are recipes that include other ingredients instead of chicken such as smoked sausage, pork trotters, and lamb.

For those who don’t know yet, paprikash is actually a specific Hungarian stew made with a significant amount of onion and paprika, which is a typical Hungarian ground dried red bell pepper powder.

Making paprikash is easy, so you don’t need special cooking skills to prepare this world-renowned Hungarian food.

There are still several things to remember when making this emblematic food from Hungary.

You have to know there are more paprikash recipes, not just one. Some of them include peppers and tomatoes or tomato paste, others require sour cream as a topping.

I like mostly the basic recipe, the one that I use, which doesn’t feature other vegetables excepting onion and garlic.

Please remember several things to get the best results when cooking the Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe or any other paprikash type.

First, use just quality meat, such as spring lamb meat in this case, as many times you can. The meat has to be cut correctly, respectively you need to use medium-sized meat chunks. If the meat pieces are too large, there are good chances that near the bone the meat to be raw, while outside is too soft.

Another important thing when you are going to use the Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe is to not pour water excessively.

I saw many people who add water continuously while the food is boiling. This is wrong because the paprikash will have a watery consistency at the end and it won’t feature the thick juice which is specific to this food.

Enjoy Hungarian lamb paprikash recipe with dumplings! 👌

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