Wagyu Steak

➡️ I’m a huge fan of wagyu steak. I can’t afford it often, since it’s very expensive, but for special occasions, I still buy a couple of wagyu beef steaks and grill them on the coal barbecue or fry them in the pan, depending on how the weather and the season.

➡️ For those unfamiliar with the term wagyu, this is a Japanese breed of beef cattle that is prized for its tender, juicier meat. Steaks made from wagyu are also called Japanese beef steaks or Japanese beef striploin (learn more below.) You may have heard that Wagyu steak is considered the best beef steak in the world. That’s right, and not without scientific motivation.

➡️ A beef steak is all the better as it is more tender and juicy, and these two elements are due to the fat in the meat. The fatter the meat, the juicier the steak will be because the fat melts during frying and breaks down the tender muscle fibers. And wagyu has a lot of fat, so much so that the meat is marbled!

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Cooking Wagyu Steak Is Gourmet Cooking!

➡️ As I mentioned, I have two favorite ways to cook Wagyu steak: one is on the coal grill, and the second is by searing in the pan. Because it is made from the best quality red meat, Wagyu beef steak offers a much better flavor than traditional beef. This will result in a tender steak and provide you with maximum flavor for your money (which, by the way, are not a few in the case of Wagyu steak!)

➡️ This summer, cooking your beef steak in a Japanese style is the best way to bring out its, well, best qualities. This Japanese beef is known for its long, lean and tender meat. It’s also known for its incredibly high quality, so you’ll be guaranteed the best-tasting steak ever. Besides, how could you go wrong with a steak recipe that calls for grilling?

➡️ The traditional Japanese wagyu beef recipe is the most well-known international method of cooking beef and producing a meltingly tender result. This dish has become popular because the beef turns out extraordinarily tender. Wagyu steak is different from a thick, marbly ribeye because it cooks quickly and evenly. If you want intense umami flavors, you need to get a caramelized crust. Therefore, I recommend you to cook the steak for three minutes on the first side, flip it, and then cook it for two minutes on the other side.

➡️ The highest-quality Wagyu beef is best with just a bit of salt and pepper, but if you want to use a steak seasoning, go ahead. Just be sure not to overwhelm the inherent flavor that Wagyu delivers on its own without sauces, marinades, and seasonings.

He cautions: Quality “doesn’t mean luxury,” though when it comes to cooking meat (and steak, in particular) O’Connor is sourcing his cuts from a company that honors the animal — and delivers the most flavor. First Light Farms , a meat company out of New Zealand, has introduced the concept of 100 percent grass-fed wagyu beef into the global market, and their results speak for themselves, flavor-wise, while also preserving a much higher quality of life for the animal. When the animals do inevitably have their “one bad day,” nearly every part of the cow is sourced and used for other products aside from steak, like collagen and hides.[…]

➡️ Enjoy cooking wagyu steak from scratch!

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