Red Kidney Bean and Chickpea Salad Appetizer

➡️ Looking for easy chickpea and bean salad recipes in 2023? On this page, you’ll find out how to make red kidney bean and chickpea salad from scratch in 7 steps at home. Red beans and chickpeas are two ingredients from which you can make extremely tasty and healthy appetizer salads, and when you combine them, the result is simply magnificent!

➡️ There are many ways to use red kidney beans and chickpeas together, and one of the best methods is to combine them in an appetizer salad that highlights the best characteristics of both. My chickpea bean salad recipe helps you make an old-fashioned salad appetizer with just a couple of simple ingredients like red kidney beans and chickpeas. Additionally, the necessary time is very short, so you can make perfect party food in no time!

➡️ Preparing cold appetizers with red beans and chickpeas is very simple and quick, especially when you use canned ingredients. Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make old-fashioned kidney bean and chickpea salad from scratch using a yummy and easy chickpea and red bean salad appetizer recipe!

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How to Make Kidney Bean and Chickpea Salad from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make a kidney bean and chickpea salad?

Raw Red Kidney Beans

1) 250 g/9 oz of canned or boiled red kidney beans
2) 250 g/9 oz of canned or boiled chickpeas
3) 50 ml/1.7 fl oz of extra virgin olive oil
4) 1-2 tbsp of apple or white wine vinegar
5) salt and ground white pepper to taste
6) 1/4 tsp of granulated sugar or to taste
7) 1/2 tsp of garlic powder or 1-2 crushed garlic cloves
8) some chopped greenery to taste (dill, parsley, basil, sage, and so on)

How to make a kidney bean and chickpea salad from scratch?

Red Kidney Bean and Chickpea Salad Appetizer

1) place kidney beans and chickpeas into a bowl
2) to make the dressing, pour olive oil into another bowl
3) add vinegar over oil to taste (1-2 tbsp), then add some salt, pepper, and sugar
4) add garlic into the dressing, then combine ingredients well
5) pour dressing over chickpea and bean salad, then mix ingredients well to coat both beans and chickpeas with dressing
6) chop some greenery to taste, then add it to the salad and combine the ingredients
7) serve the chickpea and kidney bean salad immediately or wait 30 minutes to mix flavors up better

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Final Notes for the Chickpea and Red Bean Salad Appetizer Recipe

➡️ Both red kidney beans and chickpeas are very popular ingredients to make salad recipes. The old-fashioned red bean and chickpea salad is a cold appetizer very easy to make, it does require few ingredients, and is ready extremely quickly. So, it’s perfect as a make-ahead appetizer and as party food, as well as for breakfast, snacks, or even for a frugal lunch or dinner.

➡️ Despite its simplicity, the red kidney beans salad is delicious, so it’s one of the most appreciated bean salad recipes in my family. Chickpea and kidney bean salad can be served plain, as a cold appetizer, or as a side dish along with different main dishes such as roast chicken, grilled pork, and many more.

➡️ Whichever way you are going to serve this old-fashioned salad appetizer, it will please your family and guests, so don’t hesitate and prepare it as soon as possible! You won’t regret it at all!

➡️ Enjoy making kidney bean and chickpea salad from scratch! For additional info, read more about kidney beans here.

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