Korean Fried Chicken

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Have you ever heard of Korean fried chicken? I’m sure you’ve eaten and possibly cooked fried chicken many times, but I don’t think many of you have had a chance to taste authentic Korean fried chicken.

The most common dish served in American restaurants is fried chicken. However, this dish is also very popular in other parts of the world, and Korea is no exception. Korean spices significantly enhance the natural flavor of the chicken and create a beautiful golden brown color when the chicken is cooked.

Enjoy cooking Korean fried chicken from scratch! 👌
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➡️ As with most dishes, fried chicken is subject to regional and cultural variations. For instance, in the South West of the United States, fried chicken is served with gravy as a side dish, sometimes even being cooked in the same pan as the gravy. In addition to breading products used by restaurants, such as flour and cornmeal, additional breading products that can be purchased include tempura mix (egg crumbs) and crushed oyster crackers.

➡️ In the UK, Ireland, and other countries, fried chicken is served with chips as a side dish. In Korea, fried chicken is served with ginger and soy sauce. In India, a popular fast food dish is fried chicken. In the Philippines, fried chicken is served with pancakes or rice. In Japan, fried chicken is served in bento boxes with rice or in a bento box with tempura and rice. However, all these recipes are very easy to cook, so you can try preparing one or more of them to enlarge your culinary horizons.

⬇️ Below is an inspiring culinary article that I found interesting about cooking Korean fried chicken. 👌

An amateur chef has revealed how to make delicious Korean fried chicken from home – but her recipe has one major twist.

Sydney-based foodie, Ayeh Manfre, better known as Cooking With Ayeh, created the popular street food item with oyster mushrooms as an alternative to chicken.

To create the dish Ayeh first added plain flour, paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper into a bowl.

Scroll to watch the video Ayeh Manfre (pictured) has revealed how to make delicious Korean fried chicken from home but with one unlikely ingredient – oyster mushrooms

She then combined the spices and flour together before she took some of the dry mixtures into a separate bowl and added water into it. Finder founder reveals why he gave up alcohol three years ago, and other top stories from April 28, 2022.

She mixed the water and flour together then dunked oyster mushrooms into the wet batter and into the dry batter.’ I’ve used oyster mushrooms which have such a similar texture and totally look like chicken,’ Ayeh wrote.

Ayeh double-coated the mushrooms in her spice batter and then dunked them into oil to turn a golden, crispy texture just like fried chicken. She repeated the wet to dry batter process once more to double coat the mushrooms then fried them in hot oil until golden.

Once the ‘fried chicken’ turned golden Ayeh placed them into a bowl and tossed them generously in the new Korean Style Street Food Sauce by Heinz. Her recipe video received instant attention and more than 42,000 views […]

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➡️ 15 More Korean Fried Chicken Recipes ➕

➡️ I’ve listed below some of the best Korean fried chicken recipes.

➡️ Enjoy cooking Korean fried chicken from scratch!

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